Protecting the Food Our Pets Eat

Recent recalls in various pet products have pet owners everywhere concerned for their animals.

The Food and Drug Administration is now extending its preventative measures to protect our furry friends! This ranges all the way from the food we feed our dogs to the food that farmers feed their cattle. Not only will our pets be healthier but the meat we consume will be healthier up until the point of processing.

With foodborne illnesses causing pet illness and death, these preventative measures are long overdue. There were previously no preventative measures put in place for animals. While there have always been strict guidelines for the food humans consume, we’ve left animal food up to chance. This new plan will address the issues at every step of processing, from the packaging to the personnel making the food. These rules will also be tailored to specific animal needs and allergens that are not faced by humans.

These recent amendments serve to address the issues related to imported foods with unknown ingredients. The FDA is finally responding to the nearly 18,000 calls they received from concerned pet owners in 2007 related to a dangerous chemical used in pet food. With higher standards placed on food for animals, we can rest assured that our pets are receiving the safest and most nutritious products possible.

Dog Food That People Can Eat?


Would you eat the same food as your dog? Lucy Postins does– for a living! Read all about her “gourmutt” career via The New York Daily News:


It sounds barking mad, but one woman is so confident in her company’s brand of dog food she even EATS the dog’s dinner – to make sure it tastes just right.

Human taste tester Lucy Postins not only samples every individual ingredient that goes into the food but even chows down on the final product too.

British Lucy, 38, insists on all the recipes being made in a human food facility instead of a pet food rendering plant, and then tests for the likes of flavour, aroma and colour which is an indication of freshness.

Her company The Honest Kitchen was the first pet food manufacturer to achieve a ‘human grade’ rating from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) which means the final product is legally allowed to be described as ‘human grade’ on the product labels.

This is because the ingredients are sourced directly from the human food chain and production takes place alongside ‘people foods’.

Lucy, who studied in Warwickshire, believes that by producing pet food in this way animals receive stacks of health benefits including improvements to their skin, fur and general immunity.

The dog food – which includes everything from free range chicken, ranch-raised beef and sweet potatoes to eggs, bananas and even dandelion greens – is carefully blended before being mixed with water by the buyer to help bring the mixture together.

CEO Lucy, whose family includes two pet Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a Pug in San Diego in California, USA, said: “There are a lot of people who think their pets are inferior and don’t deserve quality food.

“But so many people are becoming educated on conventional pet food ingredients and production that they want to make a move away from that.

“By actually tasting the food ourselves I think it’s a sound way of walking our own talk and helping to assure people we actually mean what we say about product integrity and quality.”

Snoop Lion & Chelsea Handler Releasing Dog Food



He might go by “Lion” now, but Snoop’s heart is still with the dogs.

On a recent episode of Chelsea Lately, the rapper and talk show host announced plans to team up together in order to feed hungry pups:

“We’re doing a project together, because we worked hard to come up with this really great dog food called Dog for Dog, and then he changed his name to Lion and that doesn’t help the dog food,” said Chelsea.

She continued: “But it’s called Dog for Dog and we spent a lot of money, a lot of people got involved to research this human food that we can give to dogs. So humans can eat it and dogs can eat it and every time you buy a bag of this dog food, they send another bag to an animal shelter and they save dogs’ lives. It’s a really good cause.”

“It’s a great cause,” said Snoop. “Because, what a lot of people don’t understand is a lot of these shelters execute these dogs, not because they don’t have a place or someone that wants to adopt them, it’s more that they don’t have food to feed them.”

“This is what’s great about you,” Chelsea noted. “You do so many things that no one would expect you to do. You coach that little football team right? How do you do that when you’re high all the time?”

“I mean, I give the kids something to look up to,” replied Snoop with a smile.