Dear Sprinkles,

You’ve been gone four years this November. Every day still hurts from the pain of losing you. Carson is 9 years old now and it makes me happy when talks about you. We still have pictures of you all over the house. We added Syren to our family four months after you left us. It was such a hard decision. I kept telling myself it was too soon. Syren is your second niece and I think a part of me just wanted a piece of you to hold, so adding her to our family was almost needed. She’s a good dog just like you were, must run in the family. We have also added two (yes two!) more cats since you last saw us. Bailey and Kodak miss your gentle ear cleanings.I know you would’ve tended to Maizey & Scout’s ears too. You always loved kitties. Hopefully this letter finds you well. I wanted you to know you are still a big part of my heart even though you are no longer with us. You were my once in a lifetime dog. Love you Sprinks…

Breed: Dalmatian

Dalmatian Adopts Abandoned Spotted Lamb

OMG… Aaaaaa-dorable!  Check out this this super sweet story from NPR about a Mama Dalmatian who adopted a baby  lamb, and  you’ll be seeing spots!

Dear Portia Pie (My Jokester, Heart-Healer),

Portia Pie!

You sit here with your coned head resting on my leg. Yet another trip to the vet, another set of stitches, but your humor remains unscathed. You dangle the last bit of a retriever roll and look all doe eyed up at the cat on her perch in the cat tree. ‘Wanna come down and play,’ your eyes ask Etosha glaring down at you from her high seat.

Full of jokes and hugs, you always know how to make me laugh, even in my darkest depression.

Thank you for your demanding ‘pet me’ head butts when we lost Van Gogh. It brought me back to the living. I’m sorry I didn’t give you his cat bed so you could grieve too and remember his smell.

Thank you for giving me my reason to run off the stress of my divorce. I’l never forget the face my tri-athlete coach made when I showed up for hill repeats with you. You wiped that look off his face after you ran three warm up miles, dragged me up ten hill repeats, and were still pulling during the three cool down miles, just like I promised my coach. Next meeting, he extolled your graces to the whole group.

Thank you for your unconditional love of even my parent’s dog ‘Sweetie,’ who was never all that sweet to you, as the scar on your haunch will attest. Yet, you knew she was part of the pack when you started jumping and barking on me in the middle of the night until I got up. Poor Sweetie, collapsed on the cold, wet grass, yelped for my help, but you were the one who answered the call.

When I’m out with you, people stop and compliment me, ok they compliment you, not me. But I tell them that Dalmatians are a lot of work, because you are. You threw up in the car until you were five, still freak out on dogs when leashed, go Cujo when you hear a doorbell even one on t.v. Still, even with the vet trips for your heart, skin cancer, bite wounds, torn claws, and broken toes, you are SO WORTH all the TROUBLE.

I love you with all my heart Portia Pie because you know how to make me laugh, love, and care. You heal my heart from the inside out.


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