Corgi Who Only Responds to Beatles Impressions

“Kinney the Welsh Corgi has a case of BeatleMania.” That’s what the video description says–and that definitely seems to be true.

Is your dog more fond of 60s music than his/her own name?

Dear Dudley,

You are the sweetest little boy ever I love you very much ….such a big personality for a small dog you make me laugh everyday :)
Breed: Chigi Chihuahua / Corgi mix

Dear Buddy,

I knew I wanted a dog, but the day I saw you I had no way of know I was gaining more than just “a dog.” Looking at your face I knew you were mine. The moment we got you home I saw the amount of love you had to give, and could not comprehend why your family of seven years dumped you off at the shelter. Why they kicked and injured your leg? Yet you had no fear of this new person who was about to call you theirs. You wouldn’t answer or come to your name, Astro, and eventually Buddy just came out (because you are a buddy). Three years later you aren’t just “a dog”. You are my best friend, my family, and the one that will always cheer up a room. You’ve taught me more than I knew a dog could teach a person. I know that day I saved your life, but I had no idea that you would return the favor and save mine!

Breed: Corgi Mix