Dear Jr,


Your presence was bliss,
Now your absence stings.
With you, I felt at peace,
Now it’s hard to breathe.
You turned out not being invincible
Now making me feel invisible.

They say you are in a better place
Next to our father’s grace.
Is that really the case?
Ok, ok
It might be a better place,
but not the right place
It’s probably haze
Compared to the right place.
So where’s your right place?
….licking your mommy’s face.

Breed: Chihuahua

Dear Pita,

My angel with four paws,
Since the first moment I held you, you opened my heart again, brought smiles to my face and laughter back into my life.
Watching you grow and watching you learn new things has been a gift.
Sometimes I wonder if you even know you’re a dog.
Sometimes I watch you sleep. I want to always keep you safe and for you to always feel loved. When you look at me I see the love in your eyes like you’re saying ‘that’s my mommy, she is great.’
I can’t imagine my life without you.
You’re my little girl at my feet.
I couldn’t have been blessed more than having you.

Mommy loves you-

Breed: Chihuahua

Dear Cooper,

Who really did rescue who?

My life was so empty and lacked meaning before you. I was suffering from Anorexia, OCD, and was afraid to leave the house. I tried at all costs to avoid people and places. While in treatment, it was suggested I rescue a little dog. When I went to the shelter, I had three requirements in mind. The dog I got must be a girl, she must wear pink, and she must not be a Chihuahua–yet something magical happened when I saw you.

First of all, you were so sick that I didn’t know what kind of dog you were, but that didn’t matter. You and I connected soul-to-soul at first sight. The funny part was when I read your sign. It read male, Chihuahua. You were already mine and the pink could go. One of my favorite moments was the first time you laid your tiny head on my shoulder. We have so many memories together. I rescued you when you were just about one, and on March 30 this year, you will be 6 years old. I remember when you were too weak to climb stairs, eat on your own or even play. We learned to eat together, didn’t we? Now look at you…you are my service dog and make me and so many other people smile each day. We take tons of adventures together and always have a great time. I am in recovery from everything listed above and you are what inspires me every day. You have made me a better person and taught me that it is someone’s inside that matters, not outside. Thank you for always being by my side and loving me more than I could ever imagine I could be loved. I love you with all of my heart, Cooper. Happy 6th Birthday!!!

Love Always,
Your Mommy xoxo

Breed: Chihuahua