Dear Porche,


The first time I held you and brought you home, my life changed. You brought so much laughter and joy– not just to me, but the whole family. You are my alarm clock every morning. Either you grab my blanket to wake me up or you jump in my bed and give me smooches lol. I know you love Mommy because you are always excited to see me and you cry when I have to leave the house. I love you sweetie, forever you will always be my baby. I am looking forward to many years with you, with more laughter and adventure.

Love you always,

Mommy G

Breed: Boxer

Dear Finley,


I remember the moment when I knew you were supposed to be mine…

I told your caretaker that you were the one!!
As tears welled up in her eyes she asked if I saw you only had half of an ear–then went on to explain that she thought no one would want you and planned on keeping you. Through her tears she smiled, and told me that I was getting a very special puppy. She was right :)

When you came into my life, my anxiety and depression were at their all-time high. I was a stranger living in my family’s home. You, Finley, brought me back to life.

Thank you for bringing me back to my family.
Thank you for reminding me how to laugh.
Thank you for being at my side in my dark moments of the night.
Thank you for calming my soul like no medication ever could do.
Thank you God for giving me an Angel.

Love you Baby Girl,


Breed: Boxer/Golden Retriever

Dear Berty,


“In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar”

YOU are the magic that makes my soul soar. I am so grateful God brought you into my life. You make me so happy! Just the thought of you makes me smile and laugh. My heart lights up every time I see you. You are a part of my soul and I love you beyond words. I remember seeing you wandering the street that late Summer night, and I can’t imagine ever having a home without you. It wasn’t me that rescued you, but you who saved me. We are a team and I am learning from YOU every single day. You, my sweet puppy, are a walking symbol of love. Together, we are going to change the world. Let’s continue to pay it forward and help as many dogs and people as we can. My sweetheart, mama loves you.

Breed: Boxer

Posted by Natasha Cayman