Dear Lola and Hunter,

A Letter to My Dog

To my wonderful babies…When I think of all the things I’m thankful for you two are at the top of my list. My life would be incomplete without you. Every day is better because I always have your smiling faces and wiggly butts to come home to.

Breed: Boxers

Dear Daisy Mae,

Daisy Mae
You have brought so much joy to our lives. We are better people for loving you and being loved by you. I will never forget going to pick you out with Daddy, who was convinced he wanted a white boxer. How lucky we were that your only white sibling was covered in poo, and of course, Daddy, being the clean guy he is, wasn’t having that in his car! As we looked over the litter, there you were–sitting by yourself against the fence, perfectly marked with two white socks and a beautiful brown body…big floppy ears and what seemed like endless folds of skin. We happily put you in the car and you became “our little girl.”

You were the best puppy, learning very quickly that you should potty outside and loving to play with your older brother, Bugsy. He wasn’t so sure about you though, but of course like everybody who met you, he eventually fell in love. Mac was 3 when we brought you home and in a lot of ways, you’ve grown up together–sleeping in his room and being right by his side whenever he is here. When our new baby Tyler came home, you sniffed and smelled and adjusted so well. You loved for him to use you as a place to pull up and stand when he was learning to walk or just plop down on when he got tired. Our family is so lucky we got to love you and now as this difficult time comes and hard decisions need to be made, I hope you know how much we love you and what a great dog you have been. I hope when you get to the other side that you have an abundance of energy, can run all day, chew on raw hides and your old, tired physical body won’t hold you back anymore. Daisy Mae, you will forever have a place in our hearts…until we meet again.


Daddy, Mommy, Mac, Tyler and Bugsy

Breed: Boxer

Dear Jenny,

On the day we picked you up, you came running and fell down the hill. We said “we will take her.” You ending up getting cancer 5 months ago. Mom and Dad did what we could to keep you with us, but the cancer won. Even being a trooper with chemo each week, you still would make us laugh. You will be missed more than you will ever know, but you’re at the rainbow bridge rolling down the hill. We will meet again someday, but until then,  Mom and Dad miss you.

Breed: Boxer