Dear Riggins,



















To say I fell in love with you the moment I lay eyes on you would be a huge understatement. I first saw you June 27, 2010 (my birthday) as I sat lonely on a couch searching through Kijiji. I made a promise right then and there that I would not spend another birthday, Christmas, or holiday alone and wished for someone who would fulfill an empty spot in my heart that had been previously unoccupied. Of the thousands of pages online, your “I’m so annoyed” face stuck out to me and I knew right then and there that you would be mine. I emailed the lady and two days later, I was driving to get you.

I have never been so nervous in all my life as I was the day I brought you home. I knew the entire time that you were mine and I would be bringing you home. And as we drove up the long driveway, I knew you’d be there and that I had found the best friend I had been searching for.

You cried the first time you saw me, and I did too. You were a mix of happiness, excitement, and awe. I picked you up and I knew that I had never in my life been so sure about what I was doing.

That was two years ago. And as I sit here tonight writing this, your sleepy head rests on my leg. When people say “he’s just a dog”, I know they don’t understand. They don’t understand that you are the only constant in my life. That you are the one thing in my life that will stay with me, regardless. It’s always me and you, Buddy. You don’t know whether I failed an exam or if I’m broke. You don’t know if I’m having a bad hair day or if I’m being moody. All you know is that your going to do whatever you can to make me happy.

And that you do.

You make me happier than I have ever been. I see you and I know that it’s okay for me not to be perfect, because I have that unconditional love that many don’t understand. You keep me safe, and you keep me comfortable. But above all, you keep me going. I had just turned 20 when you became my little boy, and when I think of all that we will experience together in the next 10 years, I can’t begin to describe how much you mean to me. Your more than just a dog- your my best friend, my confidant, my partner in crime. When I’m lonely, there you are. When I’m sad, there you are. When I need a hug, there you are. I have a care for you that I never knew existed. I don’t think I could have ever imagined falling in love with you the way I did, or caring so much for a dog, but here I am.

Rigg, you are my joy at the end of a long day. You know when I need to be happy, and when I need comfort. Your always sad to see me go, but you welcome me back with the greatest reception. I wish I could be to you what you are to me. And I hope that I am. Above all Rigg, you have taught me the power of friendship. You have taught me how to care for another living being. You have showed me, on a smaller scale, what it’s like to be a mom. And I know no matter where life takes us, you will be there for me.

I love you my boy.
Breed: Bichon-Poodle Mix (BichPoo)