Does my dog need a knee replacement?

Dear Louis & Sonya,

Our dog’s name is Brutus and he is five years old.  Last year, we had his right knee replaced.  It was very expensive, and the vet said he needed both knees done…  We just can’t afford it as we had to take out a loan to afford the first one!  I want to know if Brutus is in pain or if he is a truly happy dog with his one good knee?  Is his quality of life the best it can be?




Hello Brutus, Mom and Dad!

I’m very sorry about your leg, Brutus.  However, I feel that one good leg is better than no good legs!  :)

Mom and Dad – Brutus is telling me how much he loves you both, (as all our animals do!) but he definitely feels discomfort.  BUT… I will tell you something that only us dogs know: We dogs tolerate discomfort much better than humans do! 

He also says not worry about him so much.  He tells me that he’s always very happy, and that you play with him, and you kiss him, and tell him he’s the best dog in the world. 

Also, please understand that us dogs don’t like visiting the vet’s office.  And he’s very happy not to have to go to that experience again, although at the end of it, his leg was as good as new!  Perhaps you could call your vet on the phone, to save Brutus having to go there, and ask them to recommend some sort of elastic bandage support.  Also, maybe there’s a medication that could help with the discomfort?  It doesn’t have to be a very strong one.  

He also said if you want to give him steak every night that would make him feel so much better! 

Also, my human friend Sonya put Brutus in her Healing Circle.  We asked him if that is okay, and he said yes.  Already, the healing is going thought his leg.

It was my great pleasure to talk to a very polite dog.


Woof, Woof!