Dear Reggie,


I cannot believe we have been together for 5 years now. It seems like only yesterday that I met you in Randolph, VT. I remember going to the Shelter to look at a beagle named Sam. When I got there you were in the fenced-in yard, and when I got down on one knee to see Sam, you beat him to me and put one paw on my knee. You then walked away and sat in the grass looking at me. I almost lost it and I immediately asked the woman running the shelter – “Who is that?” She told me “that’s Reggie, she just got here a week ago.” I said “She?” and apparently you were given a boy’s name cause they thought you were a boy. Anyway – you had my heart immediately and that day you and I left together for your new home.

I cannot tell you how much you mean to me Reggie…You are THE best girl. You are the best snuggle buddy and I cannot imagine my life without you.

I love you so much Reggie and I will never forget how we first met.

I Love you Reggie!

Breed: Jackabee – Jack Russell/Beagle Mix

A Beagle Trick: Plays Dead, Comes Back Alive!


Meet Bailey!

For your Wednesday laughs, take a look at this hilarious clip from The Late Show with David Letterman.

Bailey is an adorable Beagle who possesses quite the talent!
She plays dead and then comes back to life!

Dear Cal,


Six years ago, on a stroll through the local Texas shelter with your other dad, just to “look at and play with some dogs,” I saw a handsome, golden-eyed dog enthusiastically sniffing around his run. I asked the kennel attendant if I could spend some time with you and she brought you into the visitor room. After seeing your happy face, your floppy ears and those big gold eyes, I instantly knew you were my dog. I was too busy petting you and laughing at your bouncy personality that I didn’t immediately realize you were missing a back leg, freshly shaven with visible suture marks. It looked like a recent injury, and if I hadn’t intended on going home with a dog that day, after getting to know and how incredibly happy you still were after what you had overcome–I was definitely going home with a dog then.

It’s all history from there. You’ve shown me the utmost loyalty, Cal. Always knowing when I don’t feel well, you nudge your cold nose under my arm and gaze up at me comfortingly with those mesmerizing eyes. Your bursts of puppy-like energy remind me to enjoy life, and the endless unconditional love you give me every day (even at those times when I haven’t spent the kind of time with you that I would like to) fills me with such gratitude and warmth–every day! I feel so lucky to have found you that day at the shelter. Your two daddies love you very much. Thanks for being my best friend.

Breed: Beagle