Dear Annie,

My Annie girl I miss you so much.  Its been a year now since you passed away.  My heart is broken and i still think of you everyday. Our house is not the same without you.  I still remember the day we met– I held you in my arms, and from that moment on we were best friends. We grew up together.  From junior high to college, every morning while coming downstairs you were there greeting me–and at the window when I got home.
After your passing in April, Lu Lu passed away in June.  She was not the same without you.  She knew you were gone and missed you terribly.  I’m sure you were so happy to see her.
Molly was all alone for a few weeks and was sad without her two best friends.  We rescued another Basset Hound named Tipper.  Sometimes I think you talk to Tipper from your grave in the back yard.  She has a lot of similar traits. Tipper will never replace you, but I love her. I can’t wait to see you again.  Give Lu Lu a big hug and kiss from me.  I love you so much Annie and miss you terribly.

Man and Dog Reunited After 10 Years

Imagine making up for a decade’s worth of slobbery basset hound kisses!

That’s exactly what Jamie Carpentier and his long-lost pooch, Ginger, are up to, thanks to a reunion story of epic proportions. After losing Ginger to his ex-wife in a divorce, he had no idea his beloved hound had been given up for adoption. Last month, on a whim, Carpentier got online and started doing some searching… and you won’t believe what happened next!

Read all about their incredible story here!

Have you ever been reunited with a pet when you thought all hope was lost?

Dear Oliver,

You are short and stubby and your feet smell like nachos. You seem to think you’re a lap dog but you DO weigh 50lbs, so I don’t really agree. You also like to sleep RIGHT beside me and share my pillow, even when you have half a bed to yourself. I look at your dopey face and can’t help but smile though. You were my very first dog, and I love you to bits.. but please, stop chasing the cats.

Breed: Basset Hound/Blue Heeler Cross