Does my dog understand what I’m saying?

Dear Sonya and Louis,

Does Herc really know what I am saying to him?


Dear Jennifer,

Herc is one happy dog!  He tells me that you talk to him all the time, and he loves it when you speak to him face to face or from the bathroom or the kitchen. 

Although their language is silent, we are also speaking their language without realizing it, and he does understand most of what you are saying.  Animals feel your emotions and can sense it on a very high level.  They learn much about verbal language as they live with us, but at the same time, you are putting out telepathic communication too – even though humans don’t usually realize it.  

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It’s called “Cat Talk” and it tells you how to talk to animals and receive their language back.


Louis & Sonya

Does our dog, Sage, have any messages for us? Is she happy?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

Sage passed away on November 5, 2012 around 11:30am. She had cancer and we had given her two surgeries and chemotherapy as well as medication. She was vibrant and healthy and strong always managing to live despite the doctor’s odds.

Please tell her that we miss her and that I am sorry that I didn’t appreciate her more. Does she have any messages for me and Jackie? Is she ok? Is she with Buddy and is she happy?


Dear Kennette and Jacquelyn,

I am talking to you both from heaven, and I have two dear, sweet souls here with me.  Buddy wants you to know that he was here waiting for Sage, and he took her over to the other side into the spiritual realm. 

They are so happy to be together.  They play with each other all the time — I do wish you could see them.  Running and jumping and having fun! 

When we leave our physical body, we all meet up here in heaven.  Also, they are here with other souls they have known in this lifetime and past lifetimes as well. 

Sage still feels the love from you both as love transcends all boundaries.  She knows how you both miss her and wants you to know you were both the most kind and loving human companions a dog could ever have.  She shared so much love and happiness with you both. 

And her message to you is, it is not over because she fully intends to reincarnate back to you in this lifetime. 

And remember – there is no separation from her.  You will feel and sense her presence more and more as time passes. 

As for not appreciating her more, she completely disagrees with you here!  All she felt from you was love.  And love is the most important energy there is. 

Much love from Buddy and Sage.

And me too!

Woof, woof,


Does my Shar Pei, Lily, like me?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

My 4 1/2 yr old Shar Pei, Lily, often looks like she’s not completely happy. In fact, the only time I really feel like she IS happy is if I’m walking her, or when I walk in the door after work.  I know that being independent and aloof is a breed characteristic, but I wonder if she isn’t completely happy with me. What’s your sense about this?

Thank you!!!


Dear Stephany,

I’m talking to your beautiful Lily right now.  She is telling me when you have thoughts about her not being happy with you it makes her sad.  She receives your thoughts telepathically as this is out the silent language works. 

She is very true to her breed — meaning she is a little aloof!  She loves you very much in her own way.  She may not express her love in the way that you want her too, but she certainly adores and loves you. 

Also, all dogs get excited when their human companion arrives home.  It’s the same when we take them for walks.  You can’t expect any dog to react this way constantly. 

So Stephany, cheer up!  Your dog adores you!

Love and Woof, Woof!