Dear Sadie (My Furbaby),

Dear Sadie My Furbaby,

Thank you for choosing me!

When we met I had originally wanted to take your sister home. At the very moment when I stepped out of the car and saw you wagging your tail I knew you were special. You, at the tender age of 5 months, sat at my feet and begged with those beautiful golden eyes to be pet. I couldn’t wait to take you home. But I did, and after 2 months of waiting and getting your toys and home set up, I brought you permanently into my life. I’ve only had you for a year now but in that short period of time you have changed my life drastically. Your undevided affection and love gives me such joy everyday when I come home from work. The way you bounce around the house like a kangaroo makes me laugh. You are my very first dog as an adult and I lucked out. I couldn’t have asked for a better tempered puppy, one who makes strangers want to stop and pet you, even my cats accepting you (although the can still be pushy!) The longer we live together and the more love you share with me the more blessed I feel. Even after the baby gates and dog crates you escaped from you keep amazing me at how smart and willing you are to learn new things!

They say that the pet picks the owner and in this case it was true. You came into my life, helped me during times of feeling alone and made me feel that I was the special person in your life. The little looks you give me each day tells me that even though you may not be able to talk you can still show your love. A single shake of the paw, the way you rub up against me like my cats and especially the little whines you make when you hear that I’m home makes me know that you care. The friendship between a human and their dog is unlike any other and I’m proud to say that I know that feeling!

You are a permanent member of my family and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. You’re my crazy, kangaroo jumping pup and I love you with all my heart!

Always, Mom