A Letter To My Dog & Celebrity Letters Featured In People Magazine

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 “In a new book celebrities pour their hearts out to the furry best friends that brighten their lives” – People 

Dear Fergie,

I sit here and write this letter as I watch you sleep in hopes you’ll wake up to read it to you over a box of cookies. Though you may not understand the words I say, I believe you do understand the words that mean the most. You are simply the most special being in my life (aside from your 2nd mommy which I’m sure having 2 mom’s must be awesome for you) and my unconditional love. My favorite days are when we lay around doing absolutely nothing and I can hear that snore that everyone else wants to ignore but that I adore. I love to hear you walk in the middle of the night because I like the sound your little nails make back and fourth. I can’t imagine kissing you and you not sneezing right back at me to make me laugh. I am the most talented artist when I’m around you. I just so happen to become a singer/songwriter because you inspire every beautiful song I create for you. Even though everyone else might hear a lousy voice, you so happen to hear the opposite because you love me that much and I thank you for loving me like no other.

I wish you were allowed to go everywhere with me because I’d surely have you with me all the time. I find it funny at times how people make fun of how affectionate I am towards you, but it’s simply because they don’t understand the feeling of unconditional love. None of it matters because when I’m sad, happy, tired, emotional, feeling adventureous, you’re the one I’m looking forward to be around. I am proud to love you without feeling ashamed and to call you my son, you have made me one happy mother.

You are my biggest fan, you see no flaw in who I am and you never pass judgment… you are the greatest company and my personal favorite cuddling buddy.

You are my puppy, my boy, my son, my love, my heart, my rock. You are the twinkle in my eye and the biggest love of my life. Your heart is mine and mine is yours.

Breed: Pug

Letter from a Vet to her Dog

Take a look at this touching tribute we found on youtube from Veterinarian, Jessica Braun to her Dog.  RIP Stoupie.