Rescue Mike: Your Best Friend is Waiting!

Rescue Mike

Michael Levitt, also known as RESCUE MIKE, is a television producer that lives in Sherman Oaks, CA along with his partner Marc, and two dogs Trooper & Nelson affectionately referred to as their children.

Marc, Nelson, Rescue Mike & Trooper

Michael & Marc adopted their first dog back in March of 2010 when Michael’s sister was dying of cancer. At that difficult, emotional time Michael began looking at rescue dogs with his best friend, Jill. The very first dog he saw at an adoption event was a sweet, gentle, calm pit/lab mix sitting quietly in a corner cage.

Jill & Trooper

While Michael felt this dog was amazing, he felt he should meet other dogs first before making a final decision. But after Michael left, he couldn’t stop thinking about this beautiful boy at the pet adoption. He called the rescue, and asked if he could put a deposit on the dog until the following weekend when he could have his partner Marc meet him as well.

That following weekend, on the day he was going to bring Marc to meet the dog, Michael received a call that his sister had taken a turn for the worse. The emotional anxiety of that phone call caused Michael and Marc to have a big fight. Michael stormed out of the house in tears to be at his sister’s bedside while declaring this was not the time to adopt a dog. Four hours later, the door opened at his sister’s house and walking through the front door was his partner Marc with the dog now known as Trooper!

The moment Rescue Mike and Trooper were united.

Unbeknownst to Michael, Marc had gone to the pet adoption and based on Michael’s description, adopted the dog and brought him to his sister’s bedside. Michael’s sister met Trooper and saw the happiness he brought to him. Four days later, his sister passed away. Needless to say, Michael was blown away by Marc’s act of love and kindness and as you can imagine, Trooper is incredibly special to both of them.

Rescue Mike & Trooper

The following year, Michael was on Facebook and noticed a thread in which dogs at a NYC shelter wereon the kill list. He saw a specific dog and posted that while he was in California and could not rescue this dog, he wanted to pledge money to get the dog pulled to safety. Michael found a local rescue in Manhattan that agreed to save and board the dog until they could find a forever home. Michael got carried away and ended up pledging and sponsoring six dogs in NYC shelters that would’ve otherwise been euthanized if he had not stepped up. Five of the six dogs were adopted, but one them a boxer/pit mix named Nelson remained in a boarding facility in the Bronx.


Nobody wanted him perhaps because Nelson was blind in one eye, suffering from glaucoma. Six months later, Michael and Marc were in NYC and decided to visit Nelson. Nelson came right up them, leaped on their arms, and licked them relentlessly.  That was it. The next day, Michael and Marc flew Nelson back to Los Angeles to join their family and become a brother to Trooper.


The day Rescue Mike & Marc met Nelson and adopted him!

Nelson and Trooper are the odd couple. Trooper is very well mannered, always clean, very obedient and they believe speaks with an English accent. Nelson from The Bronx, slobbers, smells like a dog, bumps into everything and likes to sleep in every morning. Michael & Marc are convinced he is a high school drop out. Nonetheless, the dogs immediately bonded and are the best of friends.

Trooper & Nelson

Michael and Marc are so incredibly grateful for Trooper & Nelson. They have brought them closer as a couple and enhanced their lives in every way. The boys sleep in bed with them, go to work with Michael, get belly rubs 24/7, are always given too many treats, fed chicken breasts almost everyday, and kissed, rubbed and loved morning, noon, and night.

It is these two dogs that have inspired Michael to start LA MIKE RESCUE where he has been able to rescue over 40 dogs in the last year. Michael’s life has never been more full and rewarding than it is now being able to help and save so many beautiful dogs and find them loving forever homes. With all the wonderful opportunities he has had as a television producer, nothing compares to the love and appreciation he gets from these precious dogs.

To find out more about dogs available for adoption, click here.  Your best friend is waiting!

Nelson & Trooper