Animals Jumping on Trampolines!

The title says it all–dogs (and a few other animals) jumping on trampolines. When’s the last time you had this much fun?

Puppy Loves Rolling Down Hills!

Forget the expensive trips to the pet store! It’s the new doggie-craze that’s taking dog houses, kennels and bark parks by storm (Okay, so maybe it’s just this one pooch’s home). Still–it’s not a Kong, tennis ball or even a brand new bone.

For this English bulldog named Sophie, the greatest thing in the world is just right through the doggie door–the hills in her backyard!

According to Sophie’s owner, “I just set her down to go potty and as you see in the video, she threw herself down on the ground and rolled down the hill. I picked her up, terrified that she had ‘fallen’ down this hill but I put her back down and she just did it again and again, 4 more times with such gusto we realized she was just having a ball”

Turns out happiness runs in the family, too! “We contacted the breeder and it turns out Sophie’s mother did the same thing,” says the little bulldog’s owner.

See the full video below.

This Dog Really Wants His Tree Branch

What happens when your neighbor trims their tree but the family dog still thinks it can reach one of the tree branches? Apparently it doesn’t stop a dedicated pooch from trying.