Unlikely Friends: A Miniature Horse & Dog

The video speaks for itself: what do you get when you mix a miniature horse & cute pup on the same patch of grass? See below:

The Adventures of Puppi & Burma: A Story About Friendship, Hope, and the Power of Community

Stephen Simmons joined the Army in 1986, and in 2008, returned from his last tour to Iraq. Like many veterans returning from combat, Simmons suffers from PTSD. How the former infantryman chooses to deal with his post-traumatic stress, however, is anything but ordinary. Meet his two therapists–both of whom look and act much different than you might expect.

Puppi & Burma

Known as Puppi the “Hound of Steel” and Burma the “Adventure Cat,” the fearless service dog and little brown feline have done more for Stephen Simmons than he could have ever imagined.

After becoming homeless in 2012, Simmons has been living out of his jeep in the Southern Oregon wilderness. Simmons could cope with his PTSD by taking medication, but instead, he chooses to hike through trails, swim and scramble up mountains (all with his furry companions)–something Simmons likes to call ‘adventure therapy.’

“When you’ve got PTSD, you’ve got a lot of adrenaline in your system…I think that’s one reason veterans have a hard time when they first come back,” Simmons told OregonLive.com.

A quote on the veteran’s website says it all: “Stephen cared for Puppi & Burma even when he didn’t feel like caring for himself, and together they have become a family – adventuring through the wilderness.”

When Stephen and his hound mix set out for the wilderness, they never expected their adventure-for-two to turn into a trio. But in March 2013, as Stephen and Puppi were sitting outside of a grocery store, a homeless girl approached him with a box and a sign that said “Free Kittens.” Stephen asked if he could see one, and Burma the cat quickly became the perfect addition (she even has her own Instagram account).

Simmons uses his camera phone to document his life in the wilderness of Southern Oregon, and from 2012-2013, Simmons took thousands of images–some of which are now published in his first book, The Adventures of Puppi & Burma.

See more photos from the trio’s adventures below!

Protective Dachshund Adopts Paralyzed Cat

It’s another tale of two unlikely friends–this time involving a quadriplegic cat and an over-protective dog.

Ruth, the seven-month-old cat, and Idgie, a 2-year-old Dachshund, were found abandoned in a box at the end of a Florida driveway in early October. The kitten could only move herself by dragging her front legs. Her back ones were completely useless, the paws twisted. But the kitten remained completely safe at the side of her new guard dog.

Idgie growled and barked protectively whenever anyone approached, and every time Ruth disappeared, the tiny Dachshund was reported to be “profoundly unhappy.”

“We actually don’t know what’s wrong with her,” Diane Gagliano, program coordinator for Seminole County Animal Services told the Orlando Sentinel. “We think it may have been something she was born with. It was really a strange situation — both of them were found in fairly good shape, not filthy or malnourished, so it seems as though they probably had a home at some point. But on the flip side, no one came and claimed them, and how could the cat get very far without the owner knowing?”

The dynamic duo was eventually adopted by Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa in Lake Mary, Florida, and guests from all over can now witness their inseparable bond in the front of the store.

Project Paws, the group raising money for Ruth’s treatment, offered a glimpse of hope for the paralyzed cat last week on their Facebook page.

“Ruth is a very happy girl. She crawls to her food bowl and uses her litter box. She is very playful and loves playing with Idgie or whatever toy is available. She doesn’t think there is anything wrong. We should all be this happy!!”

“Stay posted as we are going to have Ruth diagnosed as soon as we have the $ donations to cover the exam. The neurologist said that there is the possibility that her condition is treatable.”

It’s just further proof that love cures all.