Dear Bailey,


This is the 3rd letter I have written to you because the pain is as raw today as it was almost 2 years ago. I hope you know how much I love you and think about you every day. I haven’t stopped searching and won’t until I learn what happened to you. It is like you vanished into the air, without a trace. Where ever you are, I can only hope that you are alright and that you can feel the love I have for you and always will. I’m still waiting for that call, that you have been found and that you are coming home. I am so sorry that I let you down and left you a with a stranger that morning because I know you only wanted to be with me. The guilt I feel is unbearable and I will never forgive myself. Love you with all of my heart.

Breed: Toy Poodle

Dear Sparky,


I love you and miss you so much.

I’m so, so sorry that I wasn’t able to save you, my dearest friend. I didn’t realize what had happened to you and when I found you, it was too late. I’m really sad that we lost you and it has been very difficult living without you, knowing that I could have saved you.

A very weird thing happened before you died that I must tell you. I had a dream one afternoon that the Illuminati representatives (and I never dream about them) in our village in the Galilee had taken you, and I had no idea where to look for you. When I found you, your coat was badly damaged and there was a flash of light and you died. On February 15, 2014, we were hiking in the valley together after the rains and I think you found a viper snake that was not in hibernation since the village had been moving boulders to chase rock rabbits away. Anyway, I think the viper was big and half asleep and you tried to play with it and it bit you. After that, we walked on and I looked at the sky and there was a brilliant light from the sun shining through the clouds and I instantly forgot what may have happened. I didn’t actually see a snake but I saw you digging behind a boulder. When I lost you, I was unable to remember that you may have been bitten so I looked everywhere for you except for going back to retrace our steps. By the time I did awake from the spell, it was the next morning and I went to the cemetery at the end of our village and I walked through the cemetery to the far southern corner and looked in the area of the valley I could see. I saw you and a part of me died that moment. I’m so sorry Sparky, I’m so sorry my dearest friend.

I was loving so much hiking in the mountains with you and Nala and I appreciated so much the way you could run free and always came looking for me and we really had so much fun together. You are truly my very best friend in the whole world.

I so hope you are in a good place right now. Eden and I have started to feel that you are a puppy again, and when we think about you we see an image of a puppy. We have begun the search process of finding you again.

Like Copper before you, and Casper before him–back to Brutus–I have really felt that we have a very strong friendship and that each time your soul has passed onto your next incarnation and so we are always together. I sometimes feel that many lifetimes ago we were scouts together, working for our community and traveling and exploring all the time.

I truly hope you are well and that I can live life with you again. So, as I mentioned, we have this image in our minds of you being a young Golden Retriever puppy even though only 6 1/2 weeks have gone by since your tragic passing.

I found this very nice kennel in Ashdod called Superdog and today I looked by security video at a new litter of 4 1/2 week puppies and I asked them to put aside one puppy who looked a lot like I remember you – full of life and smiles :-)

I love you so much my friend, and I pray to the Prime Creator that we can be together again and that somehow you are this new puppy.

How I miss and love my friend.

Yours always,
With all my love,
Your very best friend in the world,

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dear Lily,


Not enough time has passed to make the sadness go away. God graced you into my life for a short five years. I miss you so very much and I think of you every day and night. I wonder if you are ok and if you miss me too.

I wish you could come back to me, but until then, please hear my thoughts and prayers. I love you, Lily Bear.

Breed: Yorkie