Dear Jenny,

On the day we picked you up, you came running and fell down the hill. We said “we will take her.” You ending up getting cancer 5 months ago. Mom and Dad did what we could to keep you with us, but the cancer won. Even being a trooper with chemo each week, you still would make us laugh. You will be missed more than you will ever know, but you’re at the rainbow bridge rolling down the hill. We will meet again someday, but until then,  Mom and Dad miss you.

Breed: Boxer

Dear Macy,

First of all, my sweet baby girl, always know that you are thought about, talked about and definitely missed everyday! No amount of time will ever change that! From the day I adopted you as the precious and adorable little 6-week-old puppy, until holding you after you took your last breath as the 12 1/2 year old beautiful dog you became, I want you to know that you will always have my heart! We had so many good times together and, without a doubt, you were the life of the party! Riding 4-wheelers with me and Daddy, floating around in our canoe and countless camping trips wouldn’t have been half the fun without you! You were such a good sister when we adopted Kitty Sunshine, too! Kitty does some of your quirky and precious habits now and it warms our hearts SO much. Thank you for helping me battle and BEAT 2 Breast Cancer journeys. Hands down, the good Lord couldn’t have blessed me more with the BEST support system on the planet. Thank you! We love you so much and wouldn’t trade the 12 1/2 years you blessed us with so much love, loyalty, companionship and friendship. You will always and forever be my beautiful and sweet baby girl!

Thank you for everything!

Love you forever,


Breed: Gordon Setter

Dear Dutch,


I know you’re probably in doggy heaven enjoying playing with other dogs and biting those huge palm trees you always used to love. It’s been 2 rough weeks since you’ve been gone, and all I’ve got to tell you is I miss you. The mark you left in my heart will always be there, and I cannot ever replace you. I have the best memories of riding skateboard with you and chasing you around when you would go crazy for that soccer ball. I never knew how much I loved you until now. I didn’t want to see you suffer, and I hope you never forgive me. These tears will be gone someday but your memory will never be forgotten. I miss you buchhh so muc.

Love you forever,


Breed: Bulldog