5 Things You Don’t Know About Uggie

The Oscars are this weekend, but we’re still in love with last year’s unforgettable breakout star, Uggie! A year after The Artist‘s big win, we thought we’d check in on the superstar dog and see what he’s up to.

1. He wrote a book! It’s called Uggie: My Story.

2. He just celebrated his 11th birthday on Valentine’s Day, tweeting: “Happy woof day to me! Thanks For all your good wishes my darling Uggie-Huggers. I lick you all xx”

3. He launched his own silent movie-style app.

4. He’s super into playing Nintendo!

5. He’s not too pleased about being snubbed this year…


Border Collie Can Balance Anything on Head

Talk about a balanced meal, LOL!

Reddit user becdawn catapulted her Border Collie, Zelda, to fame by posting pictures of her balancing act on the site last week. You name it, and this dog can balance it: a cupcake, a stack of oranges, even a half-full glass of water!

Do you have a talented dog? If so, we want to hear about it!

Baby Pit Bull Runs on Treadmill

If you’ve ever felt like a dream is too big, a goal too unattainable… watch this video. If this little guy can make it, so can you.