Rescue Mike says, “Happy New Year…now let’s go save some dogs!”

This is our dog “Nelson” that I rescued from The Bronx via facebook 1 year ago. I had donated to a NY rescue to pull him from the kill shelter and try and find him a home. He has glaucoma and after six months in boarding and no luck finding him a forever home… my partner & I went to visit him while visiting NY last April…and that was it! We knew he was our son and flew him home the next day. This pic is the first time I met him after saving him 6 month prior from the other side of the country. He, along with our dog Trooper, are the loves of our lives and the reason I rescue to this day :-)

RESCUE MIKE says, “grateful for Hank!”

We pulled this big guy “Hank” from San Bernadino Shelter just in time.  He only had hours to live but thanks to the efforts of Karol Neville and Cheryl Meyer…Hank was saved!    What a beautiful boy!!!!!

Rescue Mike says “Get your kleenex ready!…”

HAD TO SHARE…This dog is “Kenny” and he was used as a bait dog for dog fighting. I pulled him out of the kill shelter and got him to a wonderful rescue in Santa Barbara. Here he is with his foster dad. Kenny finally has found Love. Made me cry…so touching…so beautiful.