Pup Tails: House Cat Plots Revenge on Attention Commanding Pup


Randy and Jasmine Sullivan always wanted a dog in their life, but they weren’t home often enough to care for one. Seven years ago, they resolved the issue by adopting a family cat, Hugo, who would require less maintenance. Now that they are at a point in their life where they spend more time at home, they decided to adopt Lambo, a rescue puppy. The Sullivans are dazzled by their new pup, but Hugo is not so welcoming.

During the first few weeks of Lambo’s adoption, the Sullivans devoted all of their attention to the puppy. They took him for walks, they invited people over to see him, and they played with him constantly. Hugo sat aside and watched his family abandon him to waste away in his litterbox alone. Hugo’s sadness quickly turned to rage as he went day after day without so much as a head scratch.

Hugo’s revenge plot began when he deliberately tore Lambo’s new bed to shreds, leaving the remains scattered all over the living room floor. When he was sent to a separate room for timeout, he meowed loudly in protest for hours. “We think Hugo might be afraid of the dog, he is desperately trying to claim territory and destroying things. We’re trying to make sure they spend time together and get used to each other.” Randy Sullivan admitted.

Hugo, however, is not afraid of the small dog in the slightest bit. He instead is trying to defame Lambo’s character so that the Sullivans will return him to the pound. While the Sullivans were away, Hugo freed Lambo from his crate and peed all over the kitchen floor. While the Sullivans were not happy with the mess, it did not change their opinion of Lambo. “He’s just getting used to the house, he’ll be potty trained in no time.” Jasmine Sullivan said casually.

While Hugo’s plot has not been successful yet, he shows no signs of giving up. He sits around every corner waiting for the right moment to send Lambo running away with his tail between his legs.

Pup Tails: Team of Chihuahuas Challenge a Great Dane to Battle

A young, feisty pair of Chihuahuas are eager to defend their reputation as the toughest dogs in the neighborhood. With the recent arrival of a gargantuan Great Dane, they fear their title might be at stake. The two dogs, Tito and Jaws, challenged the hundred-some pound Great Dane, Flynn to a throw down.

It’s tough to predict who will win the fight. While Flynn has an obvious size advantage, the tiny dogs are professionally trained fighters who take no prisoners. They use their loud barks and agility to outsmart their opponents and make shocking sneak attacks. Most of their challengers have been easily defeated and Flynn poses their biggest threat yet. One of their former opponents, a German Shepard, admitted,  “They’re very calculated, they’ll have a plan and they will execute it before Flynn has a chance to attack.”

Flynn has done very little to prepare himself for the fight. As a self-proclaimed outdoorsmen, he has vast experience in squirrel hunting. Flynn considers this situation to be similar to a good squirrel hunt, based on the size of the dogs. “Squirrels are quick too, I may be large but I can move pretty fast,” Flynn commented regarding the fight. Flynn plans to get his large jaws around the dogs, and give them a good shake to scare them. “I’m not going to hurt them, I’ll just make sure they know who’s boss.”

With both sides appearing extremely confident, it’s tough to say who will prove victorious. The majority of neighborhood dogs are placing their bets on the Chihuahua team due to fear. The fight is set to take place this weekend in an abandoned, gated backyard.

Pup Tails: Dog Charged With the Murder of Stuffed Animals

After dozens of stuffed animal corpses were recovered from the back yard of an Oklahoma residence, Jax Freidman, a four-year-old black lab, was finally charged with murder. It is unknown how many stuffed animals were victims in this massacre but authorities are currently investigating the situation.

Jax was a happy dog with no history of crime or violence. His parents, Lynn and Steve Freidman, were proud of their dog’s stellar behavior. “He never acted out, never jumped on strangers, hardly ever barked. But something snapped.” Over the past few weeks, the Friedmans watched their dog mercilessly destroy every stuffed toy in his possession. They are unsure what caused this random outburst of violence.

Investigators are speculating that it could be due to a recent change in food brand. “We read somewhere that it’s better to get dog food with minimal artificial ingredients, so we switched to a plant based food,” Steve explained. “It was one of the top rated brands so we thought he’d love it.” Jax reluctantly consumed the new food for two weeks before the outburst occurred.

“There is a chance that the built up angst toward the vegetarian food and meat depravation caused him to react violently to non-threatening stimuli,” one dog expert speculated. He recommended that the Freidmans switch Jax back to his original food as an attempt to curb the aggression.

The stuffed animal victims are going to be properly disposed of and the remaining survivors will be removed from the house. “Until he can play with the stuffed animals the way he used to, without tearing them to shreds, we will be taking them away,” Steve Freidman sadly admitted. “We just want our old dog back.”

Jax is currently facing trial and must answer for the destruction of stuffed beavers, frogs, and hedgehogs. The investigation is still ongoing and authorities believe there may be up to eight more victims.