Boo Makes A New Friend

Anderson & Boo

Anderson & dog Molly

Famous pup Boo, who continues to hold the title of ‘Word’s Cutest Dog’ visited Anderson Cooper 360 this week and overwhelming levels of adorableness ensued!

Anderson brought Boo on the show to disprove a recent internet hoax that the pup had passed away. The teacup Pomeranian is alive and healthy and even brought along his friend Buddy to join in on the fun!

Anderson and Boo clearly hit it off as they spent time playing and taking pictures in the green room. The handsome host loves bringing pups into the workplace! Two years ago. he brought his own beloved dog Molly, a Welsh springer spaniel, on the set of his talk show to meet the audience.

Who Knew Dogs Were So Good at Teaching Babies to Crawl?

There’s nothing cuter than the interactions between infants and their furry friends.

Check out this video of two Alaskan Malamutes as they mimic the movements of a baby learning how to crawl. As the baby struggles to make his way down the hallway, the two dogs watch intently and begin to show him how it’s done! It looks like this cutie will be crawling in no time with his canine buddies by his side.

Alaskan Malamutes, while strong and athletic, are also know to be gentle, affectionate, family-friendly dogs.

Share your stories of babies and their puppy pals in the comment section below!

I Wanna Hold Your Hand: Scared Pup’s Touching Car Ride

We cannot get over the adorableness of this man and his canine companion!

A recent video via NY Daily News shows Adam Douglas, an Irish dog owner, taking a drive with his beloved pup Tommy in the passenger’s seat. Clearly, the dog is not keen to the car ride. As Tommy’s nerves rise, he reaches out to his owner who lovingly holds his paw to keep him calm.

This 45-second video has spread like wild-fire throughout the internet and has reached nearly 650,000 views on Youtube.

Many fans of Tommy are now demanding that his owner post more videos of the sweet pup.

“I’ll be sure to stick up a few more of Tommy’s antics — maybe outside of the car though,” Adam replied.