Casper the Guilty Dog Uses Cute Puppy As Shield

How can this guy accuse Casper of something so horrible while he’s holding an adorable puppy like Snickers? Look at that face, he’s innocent we tell ya’.

Yorkie Bambi Gets Swallowed Up By Shark Week

The adorable Yorkie named Bambi is arguably the biggest Shark Week fan on the planet!!

“She watches the shows 24 hours a day, even when they start to repeat,” says Neil Sturtz, a source close to the situation. “She’s even gone so far as to buy a great white shark chair that she sits in while it’s on. It looks ridiculous in the living room, but it makes her happy for a week.”

Boo, The Cutest Dog In The World!

I cannot take how cute Boo is! Boo is the most famous Pomeranian on the web and it’s obvious why! Boo is such a web sensation, this Pom’s Facebook has over 5 million likes.

Pomeranian Boo
Pictures are worth a thousand words and the words that are coming to mind are: OMG, OMG, adorable, precious, awww!

boo virgin america
Boo’s adorable paws have landed the Pomeranian the title of Official Pet Liaison for Virgin America Airlines.

If you need more Boo, see this video of Boo and get ready to fall in love.