Lily’s Favorite Things: Freezy Pups






Nothing beats a cool, refreshing popsicle in the summertime! But for those of us not interested in cherry or orange, let me tell you about my latest tasty discovery: Freezy Pups!

They’re refreshing. They’re organic. And best of all, you can make them at home!

They come in four drool-worthy flavors: White Cheddar Cheese, Chicken Soup, Juicy Apple, and Sweet Potato ‘n Maple. Just mix a packet of one of those amazing recipes with water, freeze in the super-cute bone-shaped tray and serve the most delicious treats your dog has ever had!

It’s so simple, even a cat could handle it. Maybe…


Lily’s Favorite Things: Kumfy Tailz


Ugh! This summer heat does a number on my grooming. As a lady who hates to sweat, I was relieved to find out about Kumfy Tailz, the first-ever thermal harness for dogs!

These futuristic-looking vests contain secret Kumfy Pax, which use the same concept and technology as human sports- and physical-therapy warming/cooling gel paks:

Introducing the first ever line of dog harnesses and coats which incorporate gel-pack technology to improve the comfort and health of your dog in all weather conditions. Kumfy Tailz regulates your dog’s body temperature, protects the sensitive cardiovascular system, and prevents hypo- and hyperthermia more effectively than traditional coats, sweaters, or cooling vests because it is specifically designed for canine physiology.

Unlike traditional dog coats and vests, which were adapted from human-inspired designs, Kumfy Tailz puts powerful heat and/or cooling on your dog’s chest and belly, where (unlike humans) your dog exchanges the most heat – it’s also where the skin is thinnest and the sensitive cardiovascular system is located.

The Kumfy Tailz harness and coat give you and your dog up to an hour of outdoor play or walk time without worrying about the extreme summer or winter weather. Our products are high-quality innovations made specifically for your dog.

You know me… as long as it comes in pink, I’m all paws in!

















Lily’s Favorite Things: A Doggie Hammock!


Summer is my favorite season: sunshine, the beach, and teeny bikinis!

There’s only one thing I can’t stand: a coat full of sand! Why lay on a towel when you can kick back in style with the Bambu Hammock from Pet Lounge Studios?

They’re eco-friendly, and the ultra-modern sleeping surface responds to my weight, which helps relieve many of the pressure points that create discomfort and often lead to arthritis. How relaxing! The Hammock is designed with a solid bamboo frame and a removable/reversible ultra-suede cushion which is stain resistant, hypoallergenic, and comes in five fab colors– my favorite’s Passion Pink, of course!

These hammocks are so great, I’d even consider sharing mine with a cat.