Doggie Buddha

This Buddha dog statue reminds me of a dog we had. He lived a very good, long life. Even as a pup he had very knowing eyes. He just understood. The statue is 5″ tall 5″ deep and 5 3/4″ across and perfect for your garden!

Get yours today, here!

Dog Cooling Bed

Although summer will be over pretty soon, temperatures are still rising in certain parts of the country and man’s best friend sometimes suffers the most from the heat. Especially because our little pooches are wearing fur coats! But you can keep your pet cool with this comfortable, water-filled bed all summer.

Dr. Foster and Smith’s Cool Bed III has tremendous cooling power – without refrigeration. It feels like a cold tile floor does on your bare feet. It readily absorbs heat from your dog, and dissipates this heat back to the surrounding air.

If you’d like to keep your dog cool and comfortable all year round, click here.

Smear Campaign Poop Bags for Election 2012

Politics these days is like that pile of dog poop you’re about to pick up. It’s a MESS!

Dogs can now vote with their doo doo bags!

Show your pet’s devotion to your Presidential candidate at the dog park by picking up poop with the other’s face! This ice breaker from SMEAR CAMPAIGN will give your dog a voice in election 2012 and be the envy of your dog debate team.