Rescue Mike – MEET TRUMAN

Truman can be transported almost anywhere for a great home.

 TRUMAN is beyond adorable.   He was rescued from the Shelter 6 weeks ago when I saw him in the medical ward.   I asked what was wrong with him and was told he had some sort of injury and was limping.   They told me that they suspected nerve damage and if he did not improve, they were going to euthanize him.   I was very suspicious of their diagnosis and immediately pulled him from shelter and took him to my vet.  Sure enough, it turned out he has NOTHING wrong with him.  No nerve damage.  No limp.  I still wonder if that was just an excuse to kill him :-(

I am so grateful that i saw him that day and saved him. But now, after weeks and weeks in boarding, he needs to be rescued again by a loving family to adopt him and spoil him rotten!!

Truman is INCREDIBLY AFFECTIONATE with all people!!  He prefers human contact and loves to cuddle and be rubbed!  He is also a licker!!   He is very athletic and loves to play and run!!

Truman can walk on a leash just fine and be walked with and near other dogs.   That being said, he most likely needs to be in a single dog family and is not the type of dog that does well in a dog park with the stimulation that goes with that.

If you have no pets but you want the most loving dog ever to join your family…TRUMAN is worth meeting!

To meet Truman,


Your best friend is waiting!

Rescue Mike Says, Meet “Tundra” the Supermodel!

“Tundra” The Supermodel can be transported

almost anywhere for a great home!

2 years old/female.  Pit Bull Terrier mix

Spayed, up to date shots, microchipped!

 “TUNDRA” THE SUPERMODEL…was rescued from East Valley Shelter two months ago.  She was a favorite of staffers and when I rescued her and we were leaving the building, the staff cheered!

Tundra is beautiful inside and out.  She is a “wow” dog…the kind that stops traffic when she walks down the street.   People always walk up and comment on her beautiful features and coloring!   She is also very petite for a pittie girl and she is fully grown. The perfect size!

Tundra is wonderful with all people, including children.   She was likely abused in the past and it warms your heart to see her happiness evolve and grow as she receives love and affection.  She is so grateful!!

While Tundra is not aggressive with dogs, she does become fearful of other dogs that get in her face and her space.  Therefore, she would do best in a single dog home OR with another dog that is older and mellow.   Definitely prefers people over dogs.

Tundra has been in boarding for two months waiting patiently for the right family to adopt her as we head into the holidays…So if you want a stunning petite pittie girl, that just needs to be smothered with love and spoiled…Tundra the Supermodel is worth meeting!

To Meet “Tundra” The Supermodel, 


Your best friend is waiting!

Rescue Mike Says: Meet Lucy & Ricky! A Bonded Pair

Both are a Pit Bull Terrier mix, 1 year old.

Spayed and neutered, up to date shots, microchipped!

 I saw Lucy & Ricky being dumped at the South LA shelter.  The person that turned them in said he found them, but clearly he was up to no good!   The truth was that this person was breading Lucy for litters of puppies–most likely several times!  Lucy was emaciated with her breasts down to the floor.  She was next to death.  Ricky was used to impregnate her.    It broke my heart and I immediately pulled them from the shelter.  Ricky had to stay behind to be neutered.   Lucy was severely depressed UNTIL she was reunited with RIcky the next day.  When he arrived at the boarding, Lucy came to life…wagging tail, jumping up and down, licking him all over.   It would have made u cry!

Soo…obviously…Lucy & Ricky are in LOVE…and most be adopted together!   Lucy has gained 14 lbs and both are doing fantastic.   All they need is a loving home and someone to spoil them and treat them like members of their family.   Lucy & Ricky are both incredibly kind–great with all people and other animals. NO aggression!!

They have been in boarding for 2 months…and there time has come to start their life!


To meet Lucy & Ricky…


Your best friends are waiting!