How can we help our dog, Frankie, feel safe in the yard?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

A couple months ago, I was playing the the yard with our dog, Frankie.  I was  throwing a ball, pulled my arm back, and accidentally whacked our poor dog in the face. Frankie was really scared of me for a couple days, but then we made up.

THEN!  A couple weeks later, I was throwing the “purple toy” for Frankie in the yard. and I hit poor Frankie in the face again, this time with the toy.

We are on good terms indoors, but Frankie is still not into playing in the yard like he used to be. Anything I can do to reassure the dog those were accidents and he’s safe in the yard?



Frankie and Colin Murchie.jpg   Frankie Murchie Solo.jpg

Dearest Colin,

Frankie wants me to tell you that you were more upset than he was when you knocked him in the face! 

And my advice to you is take him out to the yard, give him some special chicken, and let him come out to you.  Feed him by hand.  Play with the squeakers, and he’ll be able to associate the yard with very happy times once again. 

His message for his beloved dad and mom is that you make him feel happy all the time, and he’s the happiest dog in the world.

Love to you,

Woof ,Woof!


Why did our dog, Elsie, run away?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

I have a question about our dog Elsie who passed on last year.

She was a rescue, and she ran away just hours after we got her home.  She was gone for a month. We eventually tracked her down, and we had her home for 5 months before she escaped again.  Sadly, she was hit by a car after 2 weeks on the run.

We’d like to know why she was so ready to run away. Was it us? Was she just not into being someone’s pet? She seemed much happier when we took her to a relative’s house in a rural area and suspect she just didn’t like “city life.”

If you have any insights for us, we’d love to hear.  We think about Elsie often and have a hard time going near where she was killed.  We even think she sends lost dogs our way for us to help them get home.



Elsie Murchie Solo 1.jpgElsie Murchie Family 1.jpg

 Dearest Molly,

Elsie wants you to know that the time she was with you on this earth, she was very happy.  She did have a bit of wanderlust, and she liked to get out there on her own and explore.  Sadly, this came to a sad ending for everyone.

She had wonderful times when she was with you.  She didn’t know a dog could be so happy until she came to you!  She says, “My dad played like a dog and mom kissed me on the head frequently.”

She loved being with you and thanks you for the gourmet food.  She says, “I had never had such delicious food in all my life!”  

She’s so sorry she ran away, but she just went off for fun and to enjoy herself. 

I want you to know, when we all go home, we go to the beautiful, spiritual realm.  And we go home many times.  We live many lifetimes.  We meet all the souls we met in this life, past lives, and there’s just peace, love and joy. 

But what is so wonderful about being in the spirital realm, is we sill have our spiritual energy body, and we are able to move anywhere.  She constantly travels back to her wonderful human family.  She wants you both know she sleeps on the bed at night, goes in the car, and even goes to restaurants with you!  She is always with you and around you. 

When your grieving goes –  you will feel her.  She’s right there with you, and she wants you to know that.  She’s thanking you for the love she received from both of you that will stay with her forever. 

You don’t realize it, but there are no accidents in life, and it was time for her to leave.  But in your lifetime, she will reincarnate back to you. 

And she wants you to know that she does indeed send dogs your way, because you are angels on earth, and you will help any dog and do anything you can.  You will know it’s her bringing them to you.

Love to you,

Woof, Woof!


How does my dog feel about me leaving him?

Dear Louis & Sonya,

I recently moved to Los Angeles from Florida and could not bring my two year old Morkie named Wrigley with me. He is now living with my parents who also love him very much. The dog is a strong alpha male who is very attached and protective of me. He does well with my parents because my dad is the Alpha and they are home more than I was. I was gone for two months and just came back to visit for a week. He won’t leave my side and keeps checking to make sure I am still here. I know he has a great life living with my parents, but I feel so guilty for leaving don’t want to traumatize him by leaving again even though I will be back to visit during holidays. I do believe he is happy with my parents, but I can’t help thinking that when I leave again he will feel abandoned or depressed and that breaks my heart. Can you tell me how Wrigley feels about me leaving and how to make sure he knows that I still love him even though I don’t live with him anymore?

Sincerely, Chelsea

My Dear Chelsea,

I have to tell you that your dog is very beautiful, just like I was when I was in my physical body!  I was so handsome, and so is he, I have to say!

Well Chelsea, he is chatting with me, you know, and he is telling me that his grandparents adore him.  And of course he’s missing you, but he is very happy and knows you had to go away.  Also, he tells me he is never lonely because they are home with him all the time.  Please don’t feel guilty.  He doesn’t feel abandoned.  And you always tell him that you will come back to spend time with him. 

And his emphasizing that he certainly did not feel you abandoned him.  He knows his mother loves him too much and would never think of ever abandoning him. 

He also tells me you have a picture of him on your cell phone.  And when you look at his photo, he feels your love.  You are more upset, than he is! 

But when you do visit with him, he is certainly going to make the most of every moment by being with you.  And he is telling me that is why he doesn’t leave your side the whole time you’re there with him.  He is always a little sad when you leave, but his grandparents feel this too because they miss you as well.  Grandpa and Grandma spoil me rotten.  And love me very much too. 

And he wants to let you know that you have a direct telephone line to him.  You can speak to him though the magnetic field that runs through the universe just like you talk on your cell phone.  And Louis says we all speak in feelings, emotions and picture images.  And we are all transmitting out our feelings and he can pick up the messages wherever he is and wherever you are. 

But he really wants to tell you he does not feel you abandoned him.  And he certainly feels  just a little sad when you go, but he is lucky to have so many humans love and spoil him.  I do hope this makes you feel better.


Woof, Woof!