Does our dog, Moses, still come to see us?

Hello Louis and Sonya,

This is my Moses, and I know we shared an unconditional love. He was very ill with terminal cancer, and after agonizing for weeks, he was put to sleep in our home by the vet. The whole family is grieving, and I need to know if he is alright and does he still come to see us?  I want you to tell him that I will always love him and will never forget him. Does he miss me as much as I miss him?  Will my heart ever heal, and will I ever love another dog the way I love him?


Dear Diane,

Your beautiful Moses is chatting with me right now…  how spoiled he was…  how he had the most wonderful family who loved him dearly…  and how he loves you all too!  He’s saying that his mom would always kiss him on the head, and that he’s her baby boy and always will be. 

He tells me that one special member of his family was very particular about the shoes he wears, and that there was another member that was always changing her hair. 

He wants you to know he still sits on the sofa and sleeps on the bed.  He is also saying, how can I miss them?  I’m around them all the time!  He’s right there in your home where he’s always been.

 And let me tell you Ms. Diane, you WILL love another dog AND just as much!  Just in a different way.  At the moment, you’re all having to learn to live with him without his physical body.  This is very hard and it takes time.  One day, you’ll feel ready to bring another dog into you life, and he tells me the dog will look just like like him!   So handsome…

Moses is now out of pain and can move very freely in his light body.  He tells me you’ve kept all all of his precious things.

He sends love, love, love to all of his precious family…  and especially you, mom.

Love and licks from Moses, he says…

And Much Love from me and Woof, Woof!


Our dog, Harley, was killed by a truck in front of our home…

Dear Little Louis and Psychic Sonya,

This is Harley.  He suddenly passed last month on October 10, 2012 after being struck by a truck in front of our home. I want him to know mommy loves and misses him very much. I want to know if he is ok, who he is with, and if he’s still sleeping on my bed, he was my baby and I will miss him forever.

<3, Brenda

Dear Brenda,

I am sitting here in heaven talking to your wonderful dog, Harley.  I’ve made so many friends here in heaven. 

He loves you and wants you to know that it was his time for his soul to return to the beautiful spiritual realm.  He now has a light energy body and can move very freely. 

He is constantly with you and loves it because he can travel with you in the car, go shopping and visit restaurants, and he continues to sleep on your bed at night.  And when you are at home he follows you around the house. 

He will reincarnate back to you in this lifetime.  There is no separation between you.  Only the physical body dies, as it is the vehicle that we travel in. 

Love and Woof Woof!

Sonya and Louis

Why does my dog, Ditto, charge and scream at other dogs?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

Why does Ditto charge and scream at other dogs? Is there a way I can help her to not be afraid or angry with other dogs so we can train and compete in agility?

I look forward to your answer,


Dear Veronica,

What a beautiful dog Ditto is!  I just told her if I was still in my physical body, I would like to have her as my girlfriend! 

Well Veronica, we have both talked about this, and she feels she is not the right temperament for agility.  And the reason she screams at the other dogs is because she is so nervous of them! 

But she tells me that she is very affectionate with you and how much you spoil her.  She’s very sorry, but she does not feel that agility is for her.  And she’s saying here, “I’m very sorry” here.

Love and woof, woof!

Sonya and Louis