Joe Namath’s Daughter Reunited with Dog After 5 Years

Christmas came early this year for the daughter of Jets quarterback Joe Namath after she was reunited with her long lost Shih Tzu.

Joe Namath & daughter Jessica

Jessica Namath lost her beloved Shih Tzu mix five years ago when the dog wandered from her fiance’s backyard in Florida. Jessica and her father knocked on doors, posted a $2,000 reward for the dog, and even consulted a psychic to try to find Tula.

But last Wednesday, Namath received a phone call she never saw coming. The man on the other line was Michael Cecere, who reportedly found the dog whimpering in front of his car more than 200 miles from where Tula originally disappeared.

“I immediately got out of the car and ran over to the dog and luckily it didn’t jet off,” Cecere told ABC News. A tracking chip implanted in the dog is what ultimately reunited the pooch with her family.

Speaking to ABC News, Joe Namath was grateful for and he good samaritan’s actions. “I would thank him for going that extra distance, [that] extra yard to check on the dog.”

“We are going to have an extra special Christmas this year,” Jessica Namath said.

Elwood, World’s Ugliest Dog, Dies

RIP, Elwood.

The beloved Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix that became nationally known after winning the 2007 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest has died. Elwood was 8.

“The best part was he did not suffer, he was in my arms and with me,” Elwood’s owner, Karen Quigley, told CNN. “I couldn’t be more proud that people who haven’t met him loved him … I couldn’t be more proud.”

Quigley rescued Elwood when he was 9-months-old. The breeder was going to euthanize the Chihuahua mix because she thought he was too ugly to sell.

Elwood was just 2-years-old when people started to notice his distinctive face–most notably the fact that his tongue was always outside of his mouth. “He just doesn’t have any teeth on the left side of his mouth, so there’s nothing to keep his tongue in there. It never goes in. It’s out all the time,” said Quigley. He was often referred to by fans as Yoda or E.T. because of his resemblance to the famous science-fiction characters.

“He’s very confident in his looks,” Quigley said. “He thinks he’s very handsome.”

We agree, Elwood, we agree.

See more photos of Elwood through the years below:

The TODAY Show Has a Puppy Party!

The TODAY show has officially reached 2 million followers on Twitter! How did they celebrate? With a PUPPY PARTY, of course! Check out the photos from today’s pup-tastic celebration below.