Dear Sky,

Sky You came into my life completely unexpected. Five years before, my previous 3 doggies had died in a period of 6 weeks. I suffered so much that I thought I would never have another dog. However, when your previous owner died while I was taking care of you at my house and I was instructed to drop you off in a shelter, I couldn’t do it. The little time we had spending together while boarding you had been enough for me to fall in love with you. Even though I didn’t want to own another dog, you have completely changed my life for the better. Without you, my life would have no meaning. Going to sleep with you and waking up with your back against my back is the greatest feeling. Having you to welcome me every time I come home is enough to put a smile in my face. I love you so much Sky! Because of you I once again have a smile on my face!

Breed: Sheltie

Dear Itchy,


My little buddy… Mama loves you soo very much. You are the sun I love to touch. When I am down, you are the clown who removes my frown. You love to run, you love to jump–and when I say come, you’re not a stump.You are my friend–so very dear, I”ll always want to keep you near.

Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Dear Buddy,

I knew the day you walked down that sidewalk, a lost little puppy, so thin. The vet said you had every worm, mange, tick and flea–yet when I sat down and said “come here little Buddy,” you charged into my lap, my heart, and my life. I love when you go on trips with Dad and I. In retirement, we have become the three musketeers. Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for loving old cemeteries. You’re my best cemetery hunting partner. Corny as it sounds, Bud, “you complete us.” Now you can go throw up!


Mom and Dad

Breed: Mixed Lab

Posted by Kathy Mills