Dear Hoagie,

You’re the best dog anyone could ask for! You are so loyal, loving , caring, and huggable! No one could ask for a handsome dog as you. You have the best personality in a dog, and anyone would be lucky to have a dog like you! I would feel so sad and hurt if you passed–I would never get over it and I hope it never happens. You are extremely gentle, kind and I’m so happy that we picked to adopt you from ‘faw paws.’ You are so cute and there are no words to describe how lovely you are!

All my love forever and always,



Dear Hurly,


Toogiebear, sometimes I wonder what goes through your mind. Or what you’re barking at outside at one in the morning. You’re my everything, but you’re definitely something else. You’re weird, obnoxious and stinky at times. I miss you so much when I’m gone. You’re the best friend I could ever ask for. But dang, you’re nuts! You’re a ball of energy, happiness, and love–and I am so thrilled to call you mine.

Breed: Yorkie

Dear Pepper,


You are the most precious gift that I ever had. You are my best friend forever. When I see you, my day is complete. You are the only being that I treasure most. My love for you is priceless. I really love you so much more than I love myself. You are the kind of dog that’s not shy with the camera.

I’m so thankful, Pepper, because you came into my life. I cannot thank you enough for giving me unconditional love and joy. You are the best dog.

I love you so much!!!


Breed: Toy Poodle