Dogs Who Tweet: How Starla the Chihuahua Became Part of the Twitterati

Starla the Chihuahua, owned by celebrity real estate agent Chad Rogers, has 3,649 Twitter friends of all breeds.


Author Laura Martella Reads Her Letter to Gentleman Norman: Her Wise Dog and Writing Partner

To my Gentleman Norman,

I love you more than I could ever describe. It’s so deep in my heart that it takes my breath away.

You truly are the most amazing spirit on the planet.

The memories that we’ve made in the past year working on our book and helping spread Alzheimer’s awareness have been so healing to me after losing my parents.

You are my Gentleman-you are so engaging and sincere. You have a way of expressing your self without words. And those eyes, those beautiful huge eyes and your smile is happiness to my heart and anyone that meets you.

I’m so grateful that I am the one you chose to share your time with here on earth. This Love we share is a once in a lifetime love. I know you are one in a million.

I wasn’t sure if I could publish a book but I suspected ” WE” could get it done! Apparently ” WE CAN!

If I could say one word it would be Thank you. Thank you for loving me-thank you for wanting to be next to me even on my worst days. Thank you for being interested in the things that are important to me. Oh…and just like our book says, thanks for NEVER answering the question ” Does this make my butt look big?”!!!

Forever in love,


Celebrity Real Estate Agent Chad Rogers Reads His Letter to His Dog, Starla the Chihuahua

Dear Starla,

Words can not even come close to tell you how much I love you. You came into my life a little over 5 years ago and I’ve cherished each and every day with you. I have gotten through some of the most difficult times of my life with you being right by my side. You have taught me about the essence of love and the responsibility in taking care of another life besides mine. It’s makes me soo happy when I say “lets go for our walk Starla” and you spin in circles cause you are soo excited or when you wake me up at 4am to sleep in my bed. You have taught me sooo much about life. Im convinced that you are a gift from up above. It’s no surprise that DOG spelled backward is GOD. Your name really does say it all. You are my star and you will always shine bright in my heart.

I love you S,


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