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Artist Creates Dreamlike Photos to Help Shelter Dogs Find Homes

Hungarian photographer Sarolta Ban is known for her surreal images–but one series of paintings has a distinct (and awesome) purpose behind them. The images seen below each feature furry friends that are looking for their forever home. The goal is to portray a shelter animal in a new light in hopes that someone will adopt them. This definitely has our paw of approval!

Be sure to check out more of Sarolta’s artwork here!

Pup Tails: Dog Publishes Guide On Pooping Strategy in America

Twelve-year-old Beagle, Edgar Lyons, is set to release his published guidebook on pooping theory next week. This book will include tips on pooping location, what situations are great for pooping and when to make sure to leave a poop indoors. Edgar was inspired to write this book after his own struggle with pooping decisions as well as the experiences he witnessed of other dogs.

Edgar’s owner, Kristen Lyons, walks him every morning for nearly three miles. During those three miles, Edgar is forced to make the crucial decision of where to place his poop. Using his nose, he will sniff vigorously to decide which spot is most appropriate and will nest the poo. In his book he explains how he always hopes that Kristen will leave the poop in the grass so that his scent will remain. Unfortunately, she most often bags it and throws it into “various unknown portals.”

In certain situations, Edgar feels that it is not necessary for a dog to poop even though they might need to. In his book he writes “If your owner seems rushed or stressed out, make sure to hold your poop in and take it at a later time indoors.” He believes that if an owner is not in the right mindset, the poop will not be properly executed. For this reason, it is necessary for a dog to wait and poop in privacy indoors, on a favorite item. “This will assure the most serene and enjoyable experience for the dog and the owner.”

Kristen openly disagrees with the ideology in Edgar’s publication, proclaiming, “Pooping to him is a production, he can’t just go and keep walking like a normal dog. All of this thought is unnecessary!” Edgar believes that attitudes like Kristen’s leave dogs afraid to express themselves properly while doing their business. He hopes that by sharing his experience, he may give more dogs the strength to stand up for themselves.

Edgar’s book also features a detailed chapter on the best pooping locations for a dog’s personality type.  He writes: “Shyer dogs may prefer going under a bush to have some privacy and less risk of scent exposure.”  He further explains the importance of finding a location that smells exactly right, and that no dog should settle for anything less than perfect. Kristen hopes that after reading this book she may figure out how to get Edgar to stop pooping in her shoes.

This Dog Really Wants His Tree Branch

What happens when your neighbor trims their tree but the family dog still thinks it can reach one of the tree branches? Apparently it doesn’t stop a dedicated pooch from trying.

Pup Tails: Dog Becomes Artist’s New Muse

Hubble Miller was just an ordinary grey dog waiting to be adopted at a small New Jersey shelter–until one day. An aspiring artist, Samuel Outer, wandered through looking for inspiration and found Hubble to be the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. Outer immediately adopted Hubble and rushed to get to work on his doggy artwork.

“Hubble is a large, stoic and majestic creature,” Outer described, “He will be the biggest inspiration for my new collection of artwork.” Outer has lived in the outskirts of Newark for years and planned on opening his own art gallery. As many artists struggle to create, Outer lacked the motivation to get started on his goal. Hubble’s story inspired him to create again and produce an entire exhibit around the dog, entitled “Ruff Life.”

Hubble was raised in a group of stray dogs on the sides of a railroad track in upstate New York. He found himself living the life of a drifter, surviving on squirrel after squirrel. He lived for the days where the gang would catch larger deer or foxes. Unfortunately he became injured when a fox slashed him in the leg. Hubble could no longer keep up with the pack and they left him behind.

He was brought to the shelter weeks later, hungry and tired. They fixed up his leg and fed him his desperately desired canned food. “Hubble’s story is the reality of so many dogs these days, his sadness speaks to me.” Outer has had difficulty executing his painting plans because Hubble refuses to pose, sit, stay or cooperate in any fashion. The one piece of art that Outer completed took him nearly two years. “I had to paint in two minute intervals because that was how long it took Hubble to figure out how to get the piece of steak I dangled in front of him.”

While Hubble is happy in his new home, he may be sick of serving as a muse. He is currently on a posing strike and refuses to go near Samuel’s painting room for fear of torture games involving pieces of meat.

Dogs Try To Share An Ice Cream Cone

What happens when you have one ice cream cone & two hungry pups? Apparently, at least for these two dogs, they take turns eating it–until one finally gobbles the entire thing. We could all learn a lesson in sharing and moderation from Daisy…maybe not so much from Cooper. Watch the adorable video below:

Dog-friendly Design: Keep Fido In Mind When Decorating Your Home

Furry friends: They’re known to shed, drool, chew and track dirt and grime into our homes. Because of this, it’s essential to decorate in a way that allows for easy maintenance. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise your designer taste to accommodate your pets. Use these décor tips to achieve a chic, comfortable and dog-friendly living space.

Plan for an Entryway

If you own a dog, chances are you frequently deal with muddy paws. Combat this common problem by creating a dog-friendly entryway or mudroom. Opt for easy to clean marble or slate floors. Built-in coat racks and cubbies can stylishly hold—or hide—leashes, harnesses and toys. Place a woven basket filled with old rags by the doorway for wiping your pup’s dirty feet after he plays a little too hard in the grass. It may even be worth it to install a doggy shower, if your dog is the super outdoorsy type.

Choose Machine Washables

When it comes to couches, ottomans, linens, curtains and pillows, machine-washable fabric is a must. Opt for removable slipcovers made from heavy fabrics, such as canvas or denim, to withstand wear-and-tear caused by pets. High-quality distressed leather is another option as its thick enough to tolerate canine claws and only gets better with age.

Invest in Sturdy Furnishings

Unless you’re dealing with a 2-pound Chihuahua, you’ll need furniture that can withstand rough dog play. Choose pieces made from hard wood, which come from deciduous trees like mahogany, maple, oak, walnut, teak, birch and cherry. Metal works too, just make sure you keep plush pillows and blankets around if you and Fido wanna snuggle up. Look into purchasing a futon from a retailer like Wayfair, as futons are an excellent choice for pet owners. Futons can be easily cleaned and are versatile—you can move them around easily so you can have a large area to play tug of war with your pup.

Eliminate Carpet

Carpets absorb pet odors and easily trap hair, dirt and debris. According to a survey conducted by, more than 72 percent of respondents said pet hair was a substantial problem in their home. Instead of carpet, it’s best to choose durable, hard floors for easy maintenance. While hardwood floors are simple to vacuum or mop, large dogs can leave scratches. Some of the best flooring options for dog-friendly homes include stain-resistant ceramic tile and natural stone.

Coordinate Décor with Your Pet

Don’t be afraid to bring a little of your pet’s looks and personality in through décor. Many pet owners like to be reminded of their beloved pooches by using their beautiful colorings as a source of design inspiration. For example, you can paint the walls in your dining room the same wolf gray as your Siberian husky, or incorporate pale blue accents to match his eyes. Use a site like ColourLovers to find the perfect shade or browse palettes created by others for inspiration. Be creative when choosing a color palette, but also practical. Also, when painting keep stray hairs and dirt away so you don’t unintentionally put up grasscloth wallpaper.

Skip the Shades

If you own a typical dog, he or she enjoys watching the outside world from the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, this can result in torn drapery and broken blinds. Tassels and long cords also pose a strangulation hazard for pets. No shades are best for pets who adore looking out windows, but this is not always an option. If you must have window treatments, choose fabric shades, valances or café curtains to keep your dog safe and happy.

Pup Tails: Dog Surrenders in Ongoing War With Red Dot

Four months ago, yellow lab Marley Thompson first caught site of the red dot that would become his arch nemesis. His owner, Ray Thompson, purchased a laser light toy assuming it would be a good way for Marley to get exercise indoors. Unfortunately, Marley took the game too seriously and became consumed with the plight of the red dot.

“At first it really seemed like he was enjoying it,” Thompson stated “But he started spending hours staring at the floor, chasing reflections, and going days without sleep.” Marley wanted to devote his life to catching the red dot. He’d never had such a hard time capturing prey before and the red dot was seemingly impossible. No matter how quickly he pounced, how hard he bit or how loud he barked, the dot kept returning.

Thompson tried to put away the laser pointer forever but Marley became convinced that the dot was “hiding from him” and tore up the entire house looking for it. “I don’t know how we can make him understand that it is just a light, but this is getting out of hand.” Thompson admitted. Marley’s patience wore thin and he was prepared to take desperate measures.

Fortunately, a distraction came at the perfect time. A squirrel decided to take up residence in the back yard of the Thompson house. Marley’s vast experience with squirrel hunting easily shifted his focus from the dot to the new squirrel. Marley finally threw in the white flag with the red dot and forgot about it altogether. “He doesn’t even react to the laser pointer anymore, I’ve never been more thankful for a squirrel.”

Marley is still currently working on the squirrel mission and is conducting extensive sniff investigations regarding the squirrel’s whereabouts.

Jiff the Pomeranian Steals the Show!

Jiff the Pomeranian

If you’ve seen Katy Perry’s new music video for ‘Dark Horse,’ you’ve probably noticed a pawsome little cameo about 2:50 in. The fuzzy guy walking down the carpet? That’s Jiff the Pomeranian–and Katy Perry has her limo driver to thank for the adorable addition.

According to TMZ, the musician’s limo driver noticed the fuzzy pooch doing tricks (and attracting a crowd) while waiting for Perry at the Grammys. The driver shot video of the pup and even snagged a flyer from the dog’s owner.

Jiff the Pomeranian

When the Grammys ended, the driver showed Katy Perry the video of the dog he had just shot, and the rest was history. 2 days later, Perry’s people made a deal with the dog’s owner.

See more photos of Jiff below, as well as the music video for ‘Dark Horse!’