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Pup Tails: Team of Chihuahuas Challenge a Great Dane to Battle

A young, feisty pair of Chihuahuas are eager to defend their reputation as the toughest dogs in the neighborhood. With the recent arrival of a gargantuan Great Dane, they fear their title might be at stake. The two dogs, Tito and Jaws, challenged the hundred-some pound Great Dane, Flynn to a throw down.

It’s tough to predict who will win the fight. While Flynn has an obvious size advantage, the tiny dogs are professionally trained fighters who take no prisoners. They use their loud barks and agility to outsmart their opponents and make shocking sneak attacks. Most of their challengers have been easily defeated and Flynn poses their biggest threat yet. One of their former opponents, a German Shepard, admitted,  “They’re very calculated, they’ll have a plan and they will execute it before Flynn has a chance to attack.”

Flynn has done very little to prepare himself for the fight. As a self-proclaimed outdoorsmen, he has vast experience in squirrel hunting. Flynn considers this situation to be similar to a good squirrel hunt, based on the size of the dogs. “Squirrels are quick too, I may be large but I can move pretty fast,” Flynn commented regarding the fight. Flynn plans to get his large jaws around the dogs, and give them a good shake to scare them. “I’m not going to hurt them, I’ll just make sure they know who’s boss.”

With both sides appearing extremely confident, it’s tough to say who will prove victorious. The majority of neighborhood dogs are placing their bets on the Chihuahua team due to fear. The fight is set to take place this weekend in an abandoned, gated backyard.

Black Dogs Are Beautiful, Too!

That’s exactly what photographer Fred Levy is trying to convey in his new project, the Black Dogs Project. It’s a photo series that shows black dogs against a dark background and tells the story of the difficulty black dogs face when waiting to be adopted.

According to the statement on the project website, “This photo series started after a conversation about how black dogs have a harder time getting adopted then other dogs. I decided to start a photo series photographing black dogs on a black background in my studio. Using social media, I’ve been recruiting local dog owners who have black dogs to photograph. It’s an amazing journey that will hopefully become a book.”

Check out some of the incredible photos below!

Would You Smooch Your Pooch?

Admit it, we all love those wet, sloppy kisses from our dogs.

However, some dog owners are taking their pooch smooches to a whole different level. In a new project called ‘For The Love of Dog,’ Philadelphia-based photographer Chris Sembrot created photos of humans seriously kissing their four-legged friends.

“Man’s best friend. That’s how the saying goes. And for lots of people, smooching with their Great Dane or Dachshund is just another way of expressing that love. To them, a kiss is a carefree way to share affection with the canine who loves them unconditionally,” Sembrot writes in his artist’s statement.

In the words of Sembrot, “kiss away my friends.” Oh, and while you’re at it, be sure to write a letter to your furry friend!


Pup Tails: Dog Charged With the Murder of Stuffed Animals

After dozens of stuffed animal corpses were recovered from the back yard of an Oklahoma residence, Jax Freidman, a four-year-old black lab, was finally charged with murder. It is unknown how many stuffed animals were victims in this massacre but authorities are currently investigating the situation.

Jax was a happy dog with no history of crime or violence. His parents, Lynn and Steve Freidman, were proud of their dog’s stellar behavior. “He never acted out, never jumped on strangers, hardly ever barked. But something snapped.” Over the past few weeks, the Friedmans watched their dog mercilessly destroy every stuffed toy in his possession. They are unsure what caused this random outburst of violence.

Investigators are speculating that it could be due to a recent change in food brand. “We read somewhere that it’s better to get dog food with minimal artificial ingredients, so we switched to a plant based food,” Steve explained. “It was one of the top rated brands so we thought he’d love it.” Jax reluctantly consumed the new food for two weeks before the outburst occurred.

“There is a chance that the built up angst toward the vegetarian food and meat depravation caused him to react violently to non-threatening stimuli,” one dog expert speculated. He recommended that the Freidmans switch Jax back to his original food as an attempt to curb the aggression.

The stuffed animal victims are going to be properly disposed of and the remaining survivors will be removed from the house. “Until he can play with the stuffed animals the way he used to, without tearing them to shreds, we will be taking them away,” Steve Freidman sadly admitted. “We just want our old dog back.”

Jax is currently facing trial and must answer for the destruction of stuffed beavers, frogs, and hedgehogs. The investigation is still ongoing and authorities believe there may be up to eight more victims.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

When the temperature rises and the first signs of summer appear, make sure you’re prepared to keep your four-legged friend cool. Spending summer days outdoors is a great way to hang with man’s best friend, just keep him safe from heat stroke so you can keep the good times rolling all year long.

Provide Water, Water, Water

Good ol’ H2O is the No. 1 way to keep your dog cool. Provide plenty of fresh, cool water during the summer with a Doggie Fountain, a device that simulates a water fountain when your pup presses down on a lever. Dogster suggests providing at least 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight daily. You can also keep your pet hydrated and entertained by filling up a rubber Kong toy and freezing it, or by making your own frozen dog “pupsicles” like the Dog-safe Peanut Butter Popsicles featured on the Humane Society website.

Go For a Dip in the Pool

Going for a swim is a great way to keep humans and canines cool. ASPCA cautions that, much like a child, dogs should never be left unsupervised around a pool. If your dog isn’t too thrilled about large bodies of water, gradually introduce him to the wonderful world of swimming by practicing in a shallow kiddie pool, using treats as a reward and supporting your dog’s underside the first time he or she takes the plunge.

In addition to preparing your dog for his very first pool party, make your pool puppy ready. Make sure the pool chemicals are balanced and the pool is in working order. If you need to purchase a pool pump or other pool parts, you can find them online from retailers like In The Swim. Purchase some fun floating dog toys at your local pet shop and a fence or pool cover to keep Spot away from the pool when you’re not around.

Take Advantage of Doggy Gadgets

Invest in items that will keep your best friend cool. Doggy boots can keep furry paws from burning on hot sidewalks, doggles (dog goggles) will keep peepers safe from the harsh sun and cooling vests help lower a dog’s core body temperature. If you have an outside dog on your hands, a cooling dog bed can keep him comfortable during the hottest part of the day. You can also consider installing a doghouse air conditioning unit. One of these bad boys will cost you approximately $500 though.

Change Your Dog Caring Habits

During the summertime you’ll want to change the way you take care of your pup. Cesar’s Way advises going out for walks early in the morning or at night. You should also never—not even with the AC on full blast—leave your dog inside a car. In the summer a car’s interior can rise up to 120 degrees. Dr. Louise Murray, Vice President of the ASPCA Animal Hospital, states, “On a hot day, a parked car can become a furnace in no time-even with the windows open-which could lead to fatal heat stroke.” Be a responsible pet parent and leave your dog at home instead.

Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

If you’re a dog parent make sure you know the following signs of heat stroke:

  • Bright red tongue and gums
  • Excessive panting
  • Vomiting (sometimes blood)
  • Diarrhea
  • Thick, sticky saliva
  • Dehydration
  • Seizures
  • Staggering walk or collapsing

Pup Tails: Boston Terrier Struggles With Pup-Peroni Addiction

4-year-old Boston Terrier, Scout Haverford, recently admitted he has a problem. The little dog can’t sleep at night without tasting the beefy goodness of his Pup-Peroni treats. His entire life revolves around receiving and consuming the treats to the point where he cannot function normally. He has an addiction.

Scout’s owner, Trisha Haverford, explained “I got him one bag of Pup-Peroni and figured he’d be fine. But he won’t stop, it’s the only thing he wants.” She recalls going to bed at night only to wake up to the sound of Scout falling off the kitchen counter after an attempt to jump up to the treats. When that attempt continued to fail miserably, he began staring at Trisha while she slept to coerce her into getting the treats. If she tried to lock him out of the room, he’d scratch the door until she couldn’t take it any longer.

“He stopped eating his canned food, stopped wanting to go for walks, and stopped wanting to chase his toys, Pup-Peroni is his life.” Trisha sadly admitted. After he managed to consume an entire bag of the treat, Scout realized he had a serious problem. He is desperately trying to kick the addiction, but he stays up all night trembling in anticipating of the next time he’ll get his fix. Nothing compares to the feeling he gets when he eats Pup-Peroni and he can’t give up that feeling.

“They aren’t good for him, he’s gaining weight and his mood swings are terrible.” Trisha said. She refuses to purchase Pup-Peroni any longer and is forcing Scout to quit cold turkey. He responded by tearing up the entire kitchen in search of one last crumb, just to get a taste. Trisha is currently looking into doggie hypnosis programs that could help lead him on a road of recovery.

Puppy Loves Rolling Down Hills!

Forget the expensive trips to the pet store! It’s the new doggie-craze that’s taking dog houses, kennels and bark parks by storm (Okay, so maybe it’s just this one pooch’s home). Still–it’s not a Kong, tennis ball or even a brand new bone.

For this English bulldog named Sophie, the greatest thing in the world is just right through the doggie door–the hills in her backyard!

According to Sophie’s owner, “I just set her down to go potty and as you see in the video, she threw herself down on the ground and rolled down the hill. I picked her up, terrified that she had ‘fallen’ down this hill but I put her back down and she just did it again and again, 4 more times with such gusto we realized she was just having a ball”

Turns out happiness runs in the family, too! “We contacted the breeder and it turns out Sophie’s mother did the same thing,” says the little bulldog’s owner.

See the full video below.

Celebrate Your Pup’s Birthday With These Bone-afide Party Tips

It’s that time of the year again. Your beloved pet is another year older and just as adorable as the day you brought him home. Celebrate your pup’s big day by throwing your pet a birthday bash that will get his tongue hanging and his tail wagging. According to an online survey by Kelton Research involving more than 1,000 pet owners, 81 percent of dog owners know their pets’ birthdays, and 77 percent have celebrated the event by buying their pet a present. Show your dog how much you appreciate all the laughs and happiness he brings to your life by throwing him a birthday party.

Send Out the Invites

If your pet is dog-friendly, be sure to invite some other canine pals and their owners. Keep the guest list small to avoid stressing out the dogs. Consider making handmade invitations with your pet’s paw print or picture, or order customizable dog party invites online. Be sure to provide the date, location and time of the party in the invite. Also state that no aggressive pets are welcome and to bring a leash to the party.

Create a Menu

Create an appetizing menu for both the pets and their owners. For human food, consider serving hot dogs with all the fixings, side dishes served in new, clean dog bowls, and bone or dog-shaped cookies, brownies and other goodies. For your canine guests, offer homemade dog biscuits and treats. Also have a cooler of cold water available and disposable dishes to serve the pets. To truly pamper your pet, consider making a “fine wine” for the pooches made with meat juices and beef broth.

Decorate the House

Whether you’re celebrating your dog’s birthday in your home, backyard, or at a nearby dog park, take the time to arrange a few decorative items. Abouquet of flowers on each table is a simple, beautiful way to decorate. Just be sure to choose pet-safe, non-toxic flowers in case your pooch sneaks a taste, such as African daisies, African violets, alyssums, snapdragons, Easter daisies, orchids, or roses. Cut fire hydrants, bones and other dog-appropriate shapes out of poster board and hang them from the ceiling or from trees. You can even dress up your dog for the party. Consider purchasing a new fancy collar or a dog-tuxedo shirt.

Get a Cake

Dogs may not be able to enjoy human cake, but they can have their own doggy version of a birthday cake. Dog-friendly cakes can be created from a combination of whole-wheat flour, peanut butter, vegetable oil, eggs, crushed dog biscuits, fresh veggies, and chicken stock. Many stores and bakeries now offer pet-appropriate cakes that are safe for dogs to eat and contain ingredients that your dog will love.

Play Some Games

Keep your guests busy by playing a few games and activities. Host a doggy talent show and allow each dog to show off their favorite talent or skill. Give each winner a treat or stuffed dog toy as a prize. Dogs and their owners will also enjoy searching for dog treats hidden in the house or yard. If the party is outside, consider having Frisbees and tennis balls available for dogs and their owners to play.

Give a Gift

Dogs are certainly not picky when it comes to gifts. Consider giving your dog a new leash or collar, a comfy harness or a new dog bowl. Your pet may also enjoy new toys, treats or stuffed animals. If your dog already has plenty of toys and treats, consider making a donation to ASPCA in their name.

Make Doggy Bags

Make favor or “doggy” bags for the party guests to take home. The ASPCA recommends providing dogs with KONG toys, which are non-toxic and provide pets with a healthy outlet for their natural desire to lick and chew. Also in the doggy bags, provide a small bag of treats to stuff inside the KONG, as well as dog biscuits, a custom tag for each dog’s collar, and other goodies.