Walking Your Dog Saves Lives

You want to keep your dog healthy and happy, and one of the best ways to do that is through exercise. Young dogs especially need to run around, stay fit and get rid of their excess energy. Technology is not only helping to motivate pet owners to exercise their dogs regularly but is providing information and resources for animals in need. Smartphones and apps are tools for positive changes in your community that can have an instant impact. Here are a few pet-friendly apps to consider:

Why You Should Walk

Even if you don’t think you have the time, make some. Even a ten minute walk will revitalize you and your pup. It will increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping. Plus, walking will mentally stimulate your dog, which may help to prevent bad behaviors caused by boredom, anxiety and youthful energy.

If hiking sounds more interesting than just walking, use BringFido to find trails across the globe that are friendly to dogs. You can search by location to find pet-friendly restaurants, dog parks, dog beaches, hiking trails and tours so you can take your dog with you anywhere. Find new adventures, and take your dog on an exciting hiking trail. You both will get exercise and see a brand new place.

How Walking Can Help

An app that will do great things for your dogs and others is Wooftrax. This app donates money to animal shelters every time you walk your dog. It doesn’t matter how far you walk; both a block and a mile contribute to the overall score that gives credit to your shelter. And, the more walks you go on, the more your shelter benefits. Once you download the app, click “Start walking for . . . ” and then choose the shelter you want to donate to. Then, once your walk is complete, the app credits the shelter you selected.

Don’t worry, all the donations are not coming out of your pocket. Wooftrax is able to make the donations through sponsorship, advertising and investors. All you have to do is log your time, and shelters will receive support. Another great features of the app is that you can do it without a dog! You can walk for yourself and still raise money for a shelter. There is even a create your own dream dog feature to give you a virtual furry companion to take on the walk with you. It is an app every dog owner or animal advocate should have!

Why Animal Shelters Matter

Whether large or small operations, animal shelters are key in providing care for animals that are neglected, abandoned and without a safe place to call home. They are often adoption rehabilitation centers for animals others would normally give up on, explains LearningToGive.

The Petfinder Foundation is an organization that connects with shelters across the United States to help homeless pets find homes. They have made a new app called Touch To Give, where you can donate to local animal shelters. It is an easy way to help animals in need.

So, what are you waiting for? Save lives, make your pet happy, keep yourself healthy and get walking.


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