Dear Honey,

I just went to the vet and picked up your ashes. They had put them in a nice little wood stained box. I put you in the front seat (your favorite spot) and looked over and thought, “how did they get all that love into one tiny box?” That box doesn’t define Honey’s life. Her life had no walls and was filled with boundless love. “You’re coming home girl. Your job is done.”
11 years ago Honey came into my life. She had mange, worms, and was severely underweight. She found me and I got her healthy again. She lived her life full of adventure. We went to skateparks, went on roadtrips, sat and watched sunsets in San Diego, and BB’Qd on Sundays. I would always do a special voice when talking to Honey. She loved that voice and would wag her tail. She had a life some humans could only dream about. I miss sitting on my bed after a shower when she would come over and lick the water off of me. She kissed me a million times easy. Everyday. I can go on for days. I gave her the best damn ride ever, and in return she gave me love, loyalty, and was my sidekick. Dogs really teach you a lot about life. Good times and bad times, she was there. At the worst of times, she made it better. She didn’t care if at one point all we had was a mattress in an empty apartment. Things got better though. The last year of her life I finally bought my first house. The real selling point was the backyard. She got to enjoy it. She was a huge influence on my start up skateboard company and her image has been on our boards, stickers and tattooed on my arm. Brain cancer had taken a fierce toll on her, and on July 3rd, 2014, I made a choice to let her leave Earth. Her memories of the countless people she touched will remain.
I had a cookout for her on the 2nd and had family and friends from over the years stop by and say goodbye. She kissed every one of them. Her ashes we be spread here in Nashville at all her favorite places but I will always keep some for myself. She was my greatest friend and teacher. You were the sweetest thing on planet Earth. I repeatedly whispered “Daddy loves you” as you went to sleep and you let out a simple sigh and relaxed.
So I ask only one thing: raise a glass for Honey and hug your dog. Their biggest thrill is seeing you.
Thank you Honey.
I love you.


  1. Anna says:

    Touching … I am crying as very soon I have to let my dog go… Bonsai is loyal Wondetful American stuff who is with us 12 years now. He have got skin cancer & it probably is his last days. I can not stop crying… But got to be strong. I am raising glass for Honey & many more faithful friends out there! I know we all meet one day in a better place!!!
    Anna x

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