Dear Degen,


You are now three years old, almost four. You have been mine for two years. I do not know your past or why you don’t like when anyone touches your thigh, other than me. I do not know why you have a scar on your front left leg.

I do know that on May 18, 2012, you changed my life. I knew from that day forward, you were always going to be loved by me. I know that you are the most gentle soul I have ever known. I know that because of you, my heart is happy.

You and I–we were made for each other. You get me. And you’re just a dog, right? No. You are and will always be so much more than that. I never knew I could love something as much as I love you.

I know one day I will have to face that you go on to bigger and better things in a place called heaven. There will be someone waiting there for you who I trust very much to take care of you until I get there. I am sure you will love him just as much–after all, he’s my other half.

But for now, I am going to love every minute I have with you. I am going to let you ride around town with your head out the sunroof,  take you for runs, let you sniff the strawberries out of the grocery bags like contraband, act like I don’t hear Brad complaining because you beat him to bed–even let you lick papa’s plates when him and Nana come to visit.

Most would say I rescued you, but those who knew me know that you rescued me. You saved me from so much. You give me so much to look forward to and your face–oh that face–it carries so much love and happiness in it. You will forever be my first true love, Degen.

Breed: Doberman


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