5 Dog-Friendly Plants to Add to Your Garden

Dogs experience the world with their mouths, chewing and gnawing on things of interest. But have you considered all of the possible risks just outside your front door? Many common plants, like geraniums, begonias and daffodils, are poisonous to dogs. Keep your beloved pup out of garden danger by overhauling your landscaping to be as safe as possible. Include some of these canine-friendly plant elements to your garden.

Bare-Root Bamboo

Bamboo is a great, hardy plant that can thrive without a ton of attention. Though it’s garnered a reputation for being invasive and taking over yards quickly, you can avoid this issue by choosing a clumping bamboo plant instead of the typical running type. This type of bamboo is ideal for creating a green privacy screen around a seating area in your yard. It requires regular watering and pruning for the first two years to help it thrive.


Your go-to gift for your loved ones is safe for your dog too. While ingestion of roses can cause some mild stomach issues in certain dogs, the perennial flower favorite has many holistic benefits for dogs as well, according to the Whole Dog Journal. For instance, rose vinegar, made by infusing vinegar with fresh petals, is an all-natural pet deodorizer and skin treatment. To minimize the risk to your dog while maximizing the benefits, keep your roses pruned so that they’re out of your dog’s reach.

Blue Echeveria

This beautiful succulent is the perfect pet-friendly addition to your garden if you live in a mild climate. Blue Echeveria thrives in sunny environments like its native Central America, requiring full sun. It will not tolerate freezing temperatures. Blue echeveria does not require much water. However, it is not drought-resistant so you do need to develop a watering routine to help the plant thrive.

Hens and Chicks

If you live in a dry climate and are looking for a hardy succulent, hens and chicks is the ideal plant. It’s drought-tolerant and requires minimal care, so you can spend more time playing with your dog and less time worrying about landscaping care. Better Homes and Gardens notes this type of plant also works well in small spaces, including between pavers and as a border along walkways.

Scarborough Lily

The ASPCA notes that the Scarborough lily is safe for dogs and this beautiful plant also is an ideal pot plant to add to your garden. Potting it in a tall pot will help contain it and also keep your dog from getting into it. Scarborough lilies grow best with some shade and require diligent watering to thrive.

Ponytail Palm

This hardy, sun-loving plant creates a lovely focal point in any landscape with its long foliage that resembles long grass. Allow a ponytail palm plenty of room to grow. Aim to keep it around 15 feet from any other plants when planting. It doesn’t need much water and should only be watered during high temperatures (over 90 degrees Fahrenheit) or if you’ve had minimal rainfall in recent weeks.


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