Dear Trixie,


Here we are; listening to the Washington rain: 1500 miles from home. You and I have been through multitudes of experience and adventure together. Some good and some bad. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the unconditional love I have never experienced before you. Before you, I had a life full of pain. I think you can see that because sometimes you sit next to me and stare at me with sympathy in your eyes. You put your little paw on my arm and want me to hold you tight. I guess that’s your little doggy way of giving me a hug and shoulder to cry on. You always seem to know when I’m sad and deep in thought, going over the past. Before you, I was in a dark place of self loathing, self sabotage and addiction. I remember our first year together; it was so hard to get out of bed and so hard to want to be alive and face a new day. But being the defiant and stubborn little thing you are, you forced me out of bed for a walk in the sunshine. Your spunk and your playfulness has given me many laughs and many joys. Your precious little heart has been a huge motivation for me to do better, to be better–because I think you and I deserve it. You’ve been right next to me through extreme highs, and extremely low lows–always along for the ride. You really have saved my life, Trixie. And I don’t know how or what I can do to make you realize it. You ARE the love of my life.

Breed: Pomeranian


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