Dear Ruby,


You will never know how much you meant to me, every single day you brought joy to my life. Each time I came home you’d greet me like we had been apart for a lifetime. You’d squeak, run up my legs and into my arms. I can’t believe we will never share those moments again. You were so much fun, your spirit was beautiful and ever-giving. You taught me so much. You took each day as it came, never complaining–you were forever happy.

I remember when we first met you, a chunky, fluffy brown puppy. Tom held you and you nibbled his beard, it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. When we brought you home, you played with your first toy for half an hour and slept for 3 hours afterwards. I just sat and looked at you sleeping so serenely, checking every few minutes that you were still breathing. Sometimes you’d fall asleep in my arms and I’d just gaze at you, waiting for you to wake up so we could play again. You were so tiny you couldn’t even jump up the stairs!

As you grew older, you were such a cheeky monkey. Forever with your nose in something. I could never stay mad at you for long, those big brown eyes, those little white socks. You’d come trotting through the house, your feet pitter-pattering on the wooden floor. How I long to hear that sound again.

We didn’t use to let you upstairs–your favorite place to wee! But after a while we allowed you up there, once you’d realized you’re supposed to wee outside! At night we would get in to bed, and Tom and I would call you up in our silly voices–you had about a thousand different names. You’d gallop upstairs, launch onto the bed, climb all over our faces and eventually under the quilt, where you’d settle by our feet–perfect in the winter. We would cuddle up to you–that was when I felt completely content. If it happened to be a day when me and Tom were off work together and had a lie in, you’d be bored waiting for us to wake up and, come 9am, you’d run up the bed and lick/trample on our faces until we woke up. Tom would pull you in close and you’d lay on your side having belly tickles; we loved making a fuss of you. We always used to comment on how velvety your belly felt–as you grew older the fur became wiry, but your tummy was so warm.

We used to sit in the sun together, do you remember? We always said we thought you were Mexican. You looked so happy and content. We would put your blanket on the patio and you’d lounge about for hours, popping in momentarily for a quick slurp of water. I remember once laying in my hammock, and you laying on my chest. These were the moments of utter joy. I’d look into your eyes, and you in to mine, and we would share a moment. I adored you, you were my soul mate. I don’t know how I will cope not having you in my life.

I had an awful time a few years ago, and you were there for me throughout. I’d be led on the sofa crying for no reason that you or I could fathom. You’d jump up and gently lick my tears and I’d laugh, an instant happiness. You’d then proceed to lie literally across my face and I’d have to move you so I could breathe! I’d give anything to have you console me right now.

I miss your smell. Tom would think me so strange, but I swear you smelled like popcorn. I hope that smell lingers for a while, I’m not ready to let go just yet.

Everyone loved you–I mean really loved you. You got so excited when people came over, you’d jump and squeak until they paid you some attention, which no one could resist doing. If they sat down, you’d wait for the perfect moment to clamber up the side, round the back, and sneak in a cheeky lick. Despite this being terribly bad manners, everyone would laugh.

I can’t help but remember all the trouble you caused! You were hilarious, so mischievous. You didn’t have a bad bone in your body–except for when you protected me (though I should say Ruby, the postman really wasn’t a threat). Also, when a bigger dog would come bounding over–then you’d show ‘em! As you got older, you got little grey “goggles” around your eyes–I used to get angry when people would point them out, I’d say “THEY’RE WHITE!!”–you were forever young at heart, a way of life you’ve passed on to me.

So many fond memories I have of you my darling Ruby. How can it be that you’ve been taken from us so soon? I’d get back from work shattered, and you’d be so excitable, and I’d eventually muster up the energy to take you on a walk. It’s funny–they say you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. I would do anything to be walking you in the sunshine right now, down to your favorite place, the Gannel, where I could throw sticks for you and watch you splashing around and chasing the birds in the estuary.

So my baby, I guess it’s time to say goodbye–the single hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. As much as I’d kill to have you back, I know that’s not possible. So, when you get to the other side, find yourself a nice bed, lay down and chew on some rawhide. Look after yourself little one, and continue to be that carefree rascal you always were. Don’t worry about us, all that matters to us is that you’re happy. Forever in my thoughts, always in my heart.

I love you Ruby-roo.

Breed: Jack Russell mix


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