Dear Haley,

My little girl,
My peanuts,
My peanutsy balesy pudding pops,

When we first met nine years ago, I never imagined I would form such a strong, loving bond and companionship with such a little puppy.

I spent the first sixteen years of my life not knowing the unconditional love of a dog (and even a few years after, as you only had room for your mommy’s love and nobody else).

I remember sleeping over at Mommy’s during college and taking up your “spot” in the bed. You were really smart – you’d listen to my breathing and as soon as my body fell asleep, you’d dance on my chest to keep me up all night as revenge.

I used to think you were being bratty, but I now realize that you never let anyone or anything get in between the people you loved. That’s such an admirable trait for such a tiny dog.

When I put a diamond ring on Mommy’s finger, I already considered you my little girl. I loved holding you on walks outside on the streets of the north end (why walk on a leash when daddy will carry you?). I didn’t care that I was a grown man proudly carrying a 3 pound yorkie with a pink bow and sweater . You were my little girl.

As we grew up in our first home together, I loved the simple things with you. Your excitement jumping around for a freshly opened bag of Pop Chips, a big scoop of peanut butter being caught on the roof of your mouth, or my/your favorite time of the day–”Haley Funtime.” If you remember, this is when we slowly slid your comfy brown donut-shaped bed (with your pink blanket) from the living room into the bedroom for bed. You couldn’t sleep without being close to your family.

In our time living together, I truly hope you grew to love me near the same level as mommy, and maybe even thought of me as your daddy.
I know you’ve been sick the past year or two, and it breaks my heart we couldn’t find a way to spend one more day with you. You were our shadow and our constant tiny companion. Our lives will never be the same without the sound of your paw reaching for kibble, without your kisses on our hands and feet, and without your cute little self just being around us.

Every night before bed, I will always say a prayer for you and will miss you always. Although you’re no longer with us physically, your little paw print will always be in my heart.

I’ll love you forever Haley.

Love always,
Your Daddy

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier


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