Dear Freddy,


I remember the very first day mommy and daddy met you. Even though you were at the animal shelter, you were still so happy and just waiting on someone to take a chance on you. We took you out of your cage and took you to the back yard area so you could play. You found the only toy buried in the snow and bought it to me to play with you. You melted my heart on day 1. I could not wait to slap your collar on you and take you home with us. You will never know what you have done to mommy and daddy. You have saved MY life. I look forward to coming home and seeing you every day. I always call mommy to see what you have gotten into, or just asking what you are doing. You have taken so much hurt and pain away from daddy just by being you. I owe you so much more than I have given you, but I am grateful to call you my buddy and partner in crime. Always remember, Mommy and Daddy love you and will continue to love you. You are my first dog, and I will remember you forever!


Breed: Cocker Spaniel


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