Dear Fred, Blackie, Tuti and Snoopy,

Fred Blackie Tuti Snoopy
When I first adopted you, Fred, I thought I was doing you a favor by saving you, but instead saved me and showed me unconditional love and attention all the time. You became my nurse maid when I got sick and would not leave my side. I would stop eating if you needed food or were sick. I will forever be as faithful to you as you are to me.

Then I adopted you, Blackie. I originally went to see another hound in the infirmary, and instead saw you in the cage where you had been dropped off the night before. When I spoke to you in Spanish, you wagged your tail as if you understood and gave me kisses in my hand. Right then, I knew you were perfect for me. Thank you, Blackie, for always keeping me warm at night with your body heat, although I must pay you first with your favorite treats.

Tuti, your dad saw you and it was love at first sight. Once I got to hold you, it was a done deal, too. You were feisty but eventually you realized that we will love you until forever and decided to be softer–although to this day you still eat too fast but you have learned through time. I love how you lay down on your dad’s pillow and love how I put the covers on you and how you snuggle with me.

Snoopy, I never imagined I would be so attached to you. You are so loveable and adorable. You are the smallest in size in our home but definitely the loudest. You make sure to let us know you are present. You are so spoiled and I love you so much. I love how you jump to my lap when I’m on the recliner and how you plop yourself on my left side, snuggle up and lean your head on my left chest as if it were your personal pillow. Within 3-4 minutes you fall asleep in my arms peacefully.

I love all of you, and I did not save you guys–rather, you all saved me at different stages in my life when I needed it. For that, I will continue to be as faithful to all four of you as you are to me.

Love always,

Breed: Beagle Mixes & Miniature Pinscher


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