Dear Eric,


Today it’s your 3rd birthday and I really want to thank you for all the joy you bring to my life!

Thank you for being my partner in crime for 3 amazing years, for always standing on my side when I need someone to remind me how loved I am, for having saved my life more than 3 times (literally), for being a sunshine of hope in my dark periods of life, for teaching me to appreciate the little things in life, for cheering me up when I’m down, for showing me unconditional love with these beautiful puppy eyes of yours, for teaching me what love really is, for all these beautiful feelings that that are inside me and that I didn’t know existed before you came into my life, for teaching me to be patient, for living every day as though it’s my last, for bringing tears of joy in my eyes with every single smile of your puppy lips, for teaching me to be royal, for showing me that listening to your heart is more important than listening to your mind, for providing a shoulder(I mean paw) to cry on, for making me a better person, and lastly, for making room in your heart for me!!

I love you so much! xxx

Breed: Canis-Griffon


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