Dear Daisy,


OMG. When I first met you, you were a tiny dog that did not wanted to be bothered. You only wanted to play with your toys, so I was told. You used to turn over the trash can and that would upset your previous owner. I was starting to see you were not loved by them–then I decided to pay you guys a visit.

When I first saw your eyes, it was like I was jolted with a force of lightning–love at first sight. I could not believe it, but it was true. As I spent more and more time with you, I realized I was in trouble. I was being followed everywhere and your previous owner saw this in many ways. The more time I spent with the family, the more they noticed your change. You would even sleep with me and not destroy their bed sheets. When I left the first time, I found myself crying because I didn’t want to leave you. Your owner told me you were crying and stopped eating for days, which worried them. I begged them not to give you to anyone–that if it came to the point that you were becoming a burden to them, I would go back and take you off their hands.

A year had passed and I knew that you were a huge burden to them. I managed to buy everything that you needed to make the trip–but God had other plans. The weather did not help, and we were stranded for 10 more days with your previous owner. But the time came for us to travel and I was asking God to make this an awesome trip because I really love you and I would not allow anything to happen to you. God blessed us with an awesome trip. My husband was not too happy that I was bringing you with me, but I didn’t care.

After 4 years, I still feel the same as I did the very first time I ever saw your eyes. Many things have changed; like your hair all over my clothing–and I LOVE IT–sharing my coffee with you, resting right beside you watching a movie and feeling so loved by you. Never have I ever felt this way. I use to like dogs, but today, because of you my darling Daisy, I cannot see my life without you in it. My love for you is awesome. I love you my darling Daisy!

Breed: Beagle


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