Dear Connor,


You are the weirdest little guy I’ve come to know. When someone posted your picture on Facebook to ask for help catching you, I fell in LOVE and knew I needed to make it my mission to get you safe. Why anyone would dump you I’ll never understand. After about 2 weeks of trying to be your friend, you finally went into our trap for a piece of chicken! I literally screamed at work when I got the text that they had trapped you. I was so excited to go meet you at the vet after work. You were so scared and shut down. You were confused, I am sure, and also probably worried about Foxy who was still out there. We got you neutered and bathed and I brought you home. I let you have your space. After three days you finally let me pet you. I felt so special to have gained your trust–and after that you grew more and more confident! You learned the doggie door so quickly. I would watch you outside sun bathing and I was just so happy to know you were safe. You are special, and geez, you are so incredibly cute. I just knew that if we were patient enough, the perfect family would come along and adopt you. Lucky for us, my sister met your new mom. I am so grateful to them for taking a chance on you. Thank you, Connor, for letting them into your heart. I know you have it in you to make new friends each and every day. Please behave. Your new family loves you. Try not to drive everyone mad with your squeaky toys. I’ll always remember how you knead your toys like dough to make them squeak. Gosh you are so strange.

I love you,

Breed: Terrier


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