Pup Tails: Team of Chihuahuas Challenge a Great Dane to Battle

A young, feisty pair of Chihuahuas are eager to defend their reputation as the toughest dogs in the neighborhood. With the recent arrival of a gargantuan Great Dane, they fear their title might be at stake. The two dogs, Tito and Jaws, challenged the hundred-some pound Great Dane, Flynn to a throw down.

It’s tough to predict who will win the fight. While Flynn has an obvious size advantage, the tiny dogs are professionally trained fighters who take no prisoners. They use their loud barks and agility to outsmart their opponents and make shocking sneak attacks. Most of their challengers have been easily defeated and Flynn poses their biggest threat yet. One of their former opponents, a German Shepard, admitted,  “They’re very calculated, they’ll have a plan and they will execute it before Flynn has a chance to attack.”

Flynn has done very little to prepare himself for the fight. As a self-proclaimed outdoorsmen, he has vast experience in squirrel hunting. Flynn considers this situation to be similar to a good squirrel hunt, based on the size of the dogs. “Squirrels are quick too, I may be large but I can move pretty fast,” Flynn commented regarding the fight. Flynn plans to get his large jaws around the dogs, and give them a good shake to scare them. “I’m not going to hurt them, I’ll just make sure they know who’s boss.”

With both sides appearing extremely confident, it’s tough to say who will prove victorious. The majority of neighborhood dogs are placing their bets on the Chihuahua team due to fear. The fight is set to take place this weekend in an abandoned, gated backyard.


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