Pup Tails: Dog Charged With the Murder of Stuffed Animals

After dozens of stuffed animal corpses were recovered from the back yard of an Oklahoma residence, Jax Freidman, a four-year-old black lab, was finally charged with murder. It is unknown how many stuffed animals were victims in this massacre but authorities are currently investigating the situation.

Jax was a happy dog with no history of crime or violence. His parents, Lynn and Steve Freidman, were proud of their dog’s stellar behavior. “He never acted out, never jumped on strangers, hardly ever barked. But something snapped.” Over the past few weeks, the Friedmans watched their dog mercilessly destroy every stuffed toy in his possession. They are unsure what caused this random outburst of violence.

Investigators are speculating that it could be due to a recent change in food brand. “We read somewhere that it’s better to get dog food with minimal artificial ingredients, so we switched to a plant based food,” Steve explained. “It was one of the top rated brands so we thought he’d love it.” Jax reluctantly consumed the new food for two weeks before the outburst occurred.

“There is a chance that the built up angst toward the vegetarian food and meat depravation caused him to react violently to non-threatening stimuli,” one dog expert speculated. He recommended that the Freidmans switch Jax back to his original food as an attempt to curb the aggression.

The stuffed animal victims are going to be properly disposed of and the remaining survivors will be removed from the house. “Until he can play with the stuffed animals the way he used to, without tearing them to shreds, we will be taking them away,” Steve Freidman sadly admitted. “We just want our old dog back.”

Jax is currently facing trial and must answer for the destruction of stuffed beavers, frogs, and hedgehogs. The investigation is still ongoing and authorities believe there may be up to eight more victims.


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