Pup Tails: Dog Becomes Artist’s New Muse

Hubble Miller was just an ordinary grey dog waiting to be adopted at a small New Jersey shelter–until one day. An aspiring artist, Samuel Outer, wandered through looking for inspiration and found Hubble to be the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. Outer immediately adopted Hubble and rushed to get to work on his doggy artwork.

“Hubble is a large, stoic and majestic creature,” Outer described, “He will be the biggest inspiration for my new collection of artwork.” Outer has lived in the outskirts of Newark for years and planned on opening his own art gallery. As many artists struggle to create, Outer lacked the motivation to get started on his goal. Hubble’s story inspired him to create again and produce an entire exhibit around the dog, entitled “Ruff Life.”

Hubble was raised in a group of stray dogs on the sides of a railroad track in upstate New York. He found himself living the life of a drifter, surviving on squirrel after squirrel. He lived for the days where the gang would catch larger deer or foxes. Unfortunately he became injured when a fox slashed him in the leg. Hubble could no longer keep up with the pack and they left him behind.

He was brought to the shelter weeks later, hungry and tired. They fixed up his leg and fed him his desperately desired canned food. “Hubble’s story is the reality of so many dogs these days, his sadness speaks to me.” Outer has had difficulty executing his painting plans because Hubble refuses to pose, sit, stay or cooperate in any fashion. The one piece of art that Outer completed took him nearly two years. “I had to paint in two minute intervals because that was how long it took Hubble to figure out how to get the piece of steak I dangled in front of him.”

While Hubble is happy in his new home, he may be sick of serving as a muse. He is currently on a posing strike and refuses to go near Samuel’s painting room for fear of torture games involving pieces of meat.


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