Pup Tails: Boston Terrier Struggles With Pup-Peroni Addiction

4-year-old Boston Terrier, Scout Haverford, recently admitted he has a problem. The little dog can’t sleep at night without tasting the beefy goodness of his Pup-Peroni treats. His entire life revolves around receiving and consuming the treats to the point where he cannot function normally. He has an addiction.

Scout’s owner, Trisha Haverford, explained “I got him one bag of Pup-Peroni and figured he’d be fine. But he won’t stop, it’s the only thing he wants.” She recalls going to bed at night only to wake up to the sound of Scout falling off the kitchen counter after an attempt to jump up to the treats. When that attempt continued to fail miserably, he began staring at Trisha while she slept to coerce her into getting the treats. If she tried to lock him out of the room, he’d scratch the door until she couldn’t take it any longer.

“He stopped eating his canned food, stopped wanting to go for walks, and stopped wanting to chase his toys, Pup-Peroni is his life.” Trisha sadly admitted. After he managed to consume an entire bag of the treat, Scout realized he had a serious problem. He is desperately trying to kick the addiction, but he stays up all night trembling in anticipating of the next time he’ll get his fix. Nothing compares to the feeling he gets when he eats Pup-Peroni and he can’t give up that feeling.

“They aren’t good for him, he’s gaining weight and his mood swings are terrible.” Trisha said. She refuses to purchase Pup-Peroni any longer and is forcing Scout to quit cold turkey. He responded by tearing up the entire kitchen in search of one last crumb, just to get a taste. Trisha is currently looking into doggie hypnosis programs that could help lead him on a road of recovery.


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